Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kettles and other fascinating facts.....

My kettle died. My kettle which is just 6 months old. I cannot find the receipt so can't get a refund. When one crawls in the door and tries to boil the kettle so one can have a hot drink after nearly an hour of physio, one tends to lose one's sense of humour, especially when one remembers that one had not done the washing up (because the dishwasher is very dead) and every pot in the house is dirty. (There are 6 ones there. I counted.)

So a jolly morning was had by all. I glared at it with a baleful eye as I washed the dishes, so I could wash the pots, so I could boil the water on the stove. Sigh. And pouring water from a pot into a cup means that you inadvertently end up cleaning the counter and the floor. And by the time you get to take a sip, it is cold.

So I bought another kettle. The cheapest in the range. It works. Hallelujah!


My daughter-in-law is very uncomfortable and just wants her baby to arrive.
My son aced a test at uni.
My daughter called and her new church website is finally up and running.
The carrot cakes are shrinking.
The waist line is expanding in direct proportion to the shrinkage above.
I did 20 rises today. Then nearly lost the ability to stand. Did you read that??? 20!! Only a couple of centimetres off the floor, but still....

And I think that is about all.


Laurie in Ca. said...


I am so proud of you and doing 20 rises. That had to hurt but you are really committed to this. I would love to be there knawing on that carrot cake with you right now. I love it. I would feel the same way if my old double drip West Bend coffee pot bit the dust. I will have to post a picture of it sometime. It is OLD. Take care my friend and I am praying all this work produces wonderful results in healing for you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Mary said...

Whoa - this is one busy background.

Vee said...

I see that you have been decorating... Is there more to the right that I am missing on my screen? I have a feeling that you are still busy on the case.

Twenty? You're making a mockery of me, Darlin'!

Hope that the new cheapest kettle holds up for a good long time. Nothing worse than a teakettle that has served its time.

When is the grand-girlie due? Soon?

Susan said...

You are truly doing well.

Linds said...

Morning Glory and I are collaborating internationally to try to change the patient! It will be up in a different format soon. I tend to go through 57899 backgrounds before I find one I like, and my friend has limitless patience with me. MG, you are a saint.

Crystal said...

I like the fresh spring look of the blog but I'd like to see what else you are considering too. Yeah for new kettles! Our hard water always causes such a mineral deposit on the inside. And soon the baby will be here!!!!! OH, gosh - you must post right away when you get the news!!

Luanne said...

I like the new decor. It makes me feel happy and like spring will be hear soon.

Congrats on those 20 lifts.