Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday in Middle England...

Well, that restless feeling yesterday took me straight to one place. The couch. I fell asleep and did not wake until Jackie and the twins barrelled through the door in the late afternoon. So much for the shopping expedition!

Can I just say at this point, what a lovely bunch of friends you all are. Thank you so much for all you lovely comments. You cannot begin to know how much they mean to me. My evening was completely buoyant after reading them. So, in case you didn't realise this, thank you so much from a really blessed woman somewhere in the middle of England.

And today followed closely on yesterday's sloth. I woke at 9.30 and did not get out of that bed till 11. I am ready for student life, I think. I cannot remember when last I was such a slug. But it felt great. Especially when I turned on the TV and started listening to the goings on in the middle East. Sigh. Will politicians never learn from the wise sages out, people, don't fire rockets. I had to listen to the PM rabbitting on about the economy too, and that was enough to make me pull the duvet over the head.

Then, in a motherly fashion, given that the boy is home, I realised that we actually needed some food, so I grabbed the wallet, and headed for the car. Hahahahahahahaha. It is on strike. Nothing. I fear the starter motor has expired, if that whirring noise is anything to go by. Humph. That was not pleasant. So, after phoning the Miracle Man Who Deals With Cars, and arranging for him to come and resurrect the car on Tuesday, I set off to the shops. On foot. Clutching the Leki pole. I counted steps there, as a way to distract me. There were no mountains to look at, and my mother is right, the pavements are diabolical. They slope, and then are very uneven. And have I mentioned that the leg is a nightmare at the moment??

But I got there, and like an idiot, spotted that a jar of sauce we like is on offer at half price, so I bought 4. And then remembered I had to carry everything home. So off I toddled, and made it to Jackie's house, stopped to try to learn how to breathe again, had coffee and got a lift home.

The end.

Plans??? Better not to make them. I am now going to have a nap to recover.


Chris said...


(shaking head)

What am I going to do with you?

There's a big, strapping young man in the house that could have done that for you, no?

My friend, my beloved friend, the Independent One!

Linds said...

He did offer, I hasten to add, but I needed to try walking a little. Hoping that I could walk the kinks out. Hmmm. And pavement is your sidewalk, I think. So it is not THAT bad really!

Linds said...

But re independent? Yes, you would be right there!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

At a bare minimum, you make me grin, but most often you make me laugh right out loud. I just love spending my snatch of time here with you.

As for the Middle East...nah, not going there! :D

Oh, are you hinting that you're returning to school?

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh, John says that you should have your battery connections checked and cleaned BEFORE deciding that it's a starter issue.

Linds said...

No!!! I am not thinking of returning to uni now...just saying that the student way of life seems to be rubbing off on me now that David is home!

Linda said...

Linds - I love the way you can take the most trying moments and write about them with such wonderful humor. You are a gifted writer, and I always enjoy visiting with you.
Hope all goes well with the car.

Isabelle said...

Ah, cars. So good when they behave.

Look after that leg, Linds! I know you have a spare one but really it's better to have two that work.

Mary said...

In a way that walk to the shops was a mountain ;) So, next time you have to walk it ,start singing ' aint no mountain high enough, aint no valley deep enough, aint no river wide enough to keep me from.....'. (lame I know!)Sorry, not your knee, the song.. I'll stop now. Accept to say - T.V = bedroom? What a jolly good idea (snap).

Dawn said...

So I need to know about Jackie and the twins - I haven't connected with who they are???

Brother was just here for dinner - has recuperated. He was telling me of your very cold winter, as I told him I already knew from talking to you.

I hope your car gets healed!

Barb said...

Oh my gosh, this so reminds me of what I did when I was newlywed, before we had a car. I walked to the grocery store, proceeded to buy EIGHT bags of groceries and never once considered how I'd get them home. The grocery store was generous enough to let me take their cart home with me, trusting me to return it. Lesson learned. LOL

I hope something is going to be done about your leg soon, Linds. My mom, who reads and comments here, is finally going to have surgery on hers - I'll be so happy for her when the constant pain she lives with is over.

But like you, it's ridiculous how long it took the doctors to figure out she needed something done. I hope it happens for you - soon.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Didn't your car do the same thing a while back??? Hope it's something simple and cheap to fix. (Cue loud, raucous, sarcastic, slightly hysterical laughter. ;o)

Have a good week, my friend, and rest as you need it. Your body's trying to tell you something.

Love and hugs,


Crystal said...

Oh, my dear! Your days are always full of adventures, aren't they? I wish we lived close by so DH could come and fix the car - he really is a wizard with such things. Here's hoping it's an easy fix. And enjoy that son - these are precious times. Hang in there!

MG said...

My husband and I have been slugs for most of his break from school. My rationale is that if I'm sleeping that much, my body must need it. Works for me!