Sunday, March 29, 2009

The clocks have sprung forward....

I have just taken a look at the number of posts waiting to be read. Arghhhhh!!!!! I will get round to all of you, I promise. Your lives have all gallopped ahead without me here to check on you every day and I am finding it a trifle difficult to get back into the rhythm of things. It will take a little time. But I will be popping up in your comments, never fear.

It has been the most beautiful of days here and a couple of friends have been round to see how I am, and it is a challenge to come up with the words to explain just what is going on. I know people really want me to say I am fixed, but it was never going to be that simple. And I am reminded of the words they tried to drum into us - we are not CRPS people. I am Linds, who happens to have a wonky leg, and who is trying to fix it. I am much more than the wonky leg, so let's move on, shall we. Today I do not want to talk about hospitals and legs and sympathetic nevous systems. Maybe tomorrow. I will think about it.


The sun is shining. How many of you took part in the Earth Hour? Here in this little village, we all switched off all lights from 8.30 - 9.30pm, and used candles instead. It was rather special. I know that major monuments around the world switched off their illuminations, and I think my children did too wherever they were. Did any of you?? It is just interesting to know!

With the trees chopped down behind my house, it has become something of a wind tunnel, and my garden seat with an arch over it has been blown over a number of times while I have been away, and yesterday it finally bit the dust. It blew over again, and this time, the wood smashed into a zillion pieces. It also nearly took out 3 rose bushes. I have done some repairs, and hope they survive. Roll on the time when my neighbours put up the fence and my garden becomes private and enclosed again.

The sun is showing up an alarming amount of dust, but I am trying to ignore it. Pacing, you know. I am pacing myself. Hmmm. And I have watched the end of the Grand Prix and also the Boat Race today so I do believe I am following instructions. Our clocks went leapt forward this morning, so we are now on British Summer Time at last, and not a moment too soon. However, the snow continues to fall in Switzerland as I speak, and winter retains its icy grip. My sister is sick to death of all the white stuff.

Diane are you there???? Guess what??? I cooked a Sunday dinner!! A real one. You may pick yourself up from the floor at this point. I am happy to announce that I cooked a roast chicken, and loads of vegetables today. It was divine. My great friends, Glynis and Peter left all the bits in my fridge for me, so I just popped it in the oven and Voila! A Sunday dinner. I have been sadly lacking in this department for weeks - I tend to just do something simple like scrambled eggs or grab a yoghurt or some toast, so this is a noteworthy moment.

This year is whizzing by, and David will be home in a couple of weeks for the Easter Break and then his exams will be here and the first year will be over. He turns 20 this week, and I have no idea where the years have gone. And it is only 5 weeks or so till my daughter arrives, and then it will be the middle of the year. The Princess is 6 weeks old too this week. Groan. I want to slow everything down just a little so I can catch my breath.

And now I need to go and do my exercises. Again. Do you know that writing on the computer is a "High Energy Activity"????? Hmmm. I didn't know that. But apparently the mental focus and energy out put is classed in the high energy range, but hey, I said no hospital talk. Pace. I am pacing myself. Exercise ball here I come.........


Laurie in Ca. said...

Love you Linds and you are on your way to a healthier you. That's all I will say about that!! Amazing that Princess is 6 weeks old already. Seems like we were waiting for her for forever!! I'll bet she is getting so darned cute too. Yep Linds, we are having to watch the year just zip on by us. Nothing we can do except hang on and ride the wave. Hmmm, computer wok is high energy?? Why am I not skinny by now?:) I love you girl and pray for your progress daily.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Vee said...

Really? High energy? Well then, I feel better about all the time I spend doing it.

The Princess...ahhhh...sounds lovely... Six weeks old already? She'll be driving next!

Yay for a Sunday dinner. We must honor ourselves with good nutrition and the small delights don't you think. We enjoyed ham slices with a maple syrup glaze and pineapple plus scalloped potatoes. Cornbread and green beans rounded out the meal. Yum.

I remain one of your devoted cheerleaders...rah, rah, cis boom bah! See? I can so, too, cheer. Take it easy now. (Oh no need to run to my corner. Nothing but nothing going on.)

Olson Family said...

Hear, Hear - I'm with Marge and the sickness that is the white stuff in Switzerland.

I think I officially fall out of love with the white stuff when I realize I'm done dragging the kids or myself up skiing one more day. Give me a month of nice weather, and I'll be talking about how I anticipate next ski season.

But here we are, almost April and it's still too cold for my Daffodils to bloom.

Hang in there, do those exercises and a big prayer for everyday strenth!

lakeviewer said...

Linds, you sound better. And exercise we must to try to recoup our mobility.

Dawn said...

No wonder I'm so tired all the time! I'm sure it has nothing to do with having the babes so much of the time!

6 weeks already?? How can it be? When will you get to see Princess again? (Much better than Bump!)

I hope you get your privacy back again - I would not like it if my many neighbors took their fences down

When you get time to come over, you'll see our snow - but we're glad, since we haven't had much all winter.

Keep up the good exercises!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Yoo hoo! Oh yes, I'm here!

You cooked an honest to goodness Sunday Dinner??? Hooray! Another step forward to normalcy. Whatever that may be. ;o)

Your dinner sounds yummy. It was just me and Lamar for dinner so I made some Texas Hash. And now it's 7:15 pm my time and I just made some cheese toast for my supper. We're out of sliced cheese so I used shredded cheddar and it's not half bad.

Plenty of time to get around to your blog buddies, and the true friends all understand your situation, so don't give it another thought. Nothing much going on here except some computer woes so don't worry about missing anything or being in a hurry to visit.

We had Emmy last night and she's scared of the dark, so we didn't do the Earth Day turn off thing. Maybe next year.....

Have a great week, Linds. :o)

Love and hugs,


Femin Susan said...

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Butterfly Mama said...

Yes, we did earth hour too. Very interesting. Time is just moving so fast here as well, it's nice to hear about all your doings.

Many hugs, Heidi

The Mrs. said...

Welcome home, Brave Lady. I'll send you an email and update you on my comings and goings.

The Mrs. said...

Oops! That's me above -- Morning Glory. I've been messing with blog details.

Barb said...

Seriously? Blogging is high energy? That's it. I officially declare that I will never let blogging make me feel like I'm slacking off, ever again. LOL

You sound good, Linds...positive and cheerful. It's nice to have you back. :-)

meggie said...

Wow Linds, what a feast of wonderful photos & words to match.
The flowers are just divine!