Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy things....

HT to Kelli and then Mary ............

Happy things and Happy thoughts:
  • Freshly baked croissants for a Sunday brunch
  • Soft sunshine in my garden, and daffodils about to unfold their heads
  • An unexpected invitation to dinner with friends
  • Knowing that my 2 sons are together, and that David is getting to know his baby niece
  • The joy of hearing a young friend is expecting her first baby! (Margaret, the garden fairy, will be a Granny 2x this year!)
  • Bath, and hopefully breakthrough treatment, is just 2 weeks away now
  • My french doors are open for a while to let the fresh air in
  • The pile of wonderful books half read/waiting to be read/already read next to the couch
  • The delight of dreams and the promise of joy ahead
  • That sweet little girl cuddled up with her family
  • A tidy garden, ready to burst into life
  • Lessons well learned (I will talk about that later)
  • My children are all happy, and so I am too

So what are your happy things?


Linda said...

Oh I do love happy things Linds. I've posted mine. It really does lift the spirits to concentrate on the happier things.
Praying you will soon be all mended!

Luanne said...

What a happy post. It made me happier just reading it.

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I had my first test this morning when I realized I had no bread and very little milk and the pizza I wanted for dinner is not homemade. God is so wonderful about making us put our money where our mouth is.

Now I think I'll go think some happy thoughts of my own. Thanks for sharing yours.

lakeviewer said...

Some things are obvious, some are hidden:
-a devoted spouse
-a good place to live in
-well-adjusted children
-relative good health

It's good to see you are cheering up and looking forward to a better treatment in the future.

Susan said...

We all have so much to be happy about.

Vee said...

What? I didn't comment last night? I know that Blogger has been moody of late and I'll blame that.

I enjoyed reading about the warmer turn in the weather. Doors thrown open to warmth and fresh air is such a nice image. I'm imagining it even now as I watch the storm whirl beyond my window.

Must come up with another list of gratitudes soon. I think it helps with perspective and a general sense of well-being.

But the most delightful image? A baby girl tucked in her family's bosom...ahhhh

Susie said...

I need to get back in my "happy place" Reading your list reminds me how much we have to be grateful for.

Theresa said...

I'm happy when I see a tiny bubble floating by in the air when I do the dishes....I just love that.

And sitting by the fire all day because we got snowed was a happy day.

Barb said...

I love this list, Linds. You sound happy and content.

PEA said...

Such a wonderful list of Happy Things and Thoughts that you have:-) My biggest happy thought these days is that I'll soon be holding my grandbaby when we go to her Christening this coming weekend!! I'm counting down the days and hours! lol xoxo

Edith said...

Linds...thinking of you. I enjoyed your happy list!

Don't feel that you have to hide the struggles - I care about those as well.

You are loved!

Dawn said...

I went to the Followers and went to your post, but it wasn't there. You must hve changed your mind! I love the happy thoughts.

We have had 70 degrees + this last two days, and supposed to be that way again tomorrow. It is great to feel the sunshine. We need the big snow, but it is so nice to feel like spring for awhile anyway!

Margaret Cloud said...

Sunshine on my shoulders,
a childs laughter,
going to the beach,
making my family happy,
blogging with my friends
winning the lotto, ha=ha
just some in a million, very nice post.

At A Hen's Pace said...

I am happy that YOU are able to enjoy fresh air and a tidy garden! I read your post of all that needed to be done in your yard and it began to excite ME!

I shall be happy about our most recent little dusting of snow and the joy of reading a good book aloud to two of my young men tonight!