Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks on Thursday....

Wow. I have amazing friends here, and to each and everyone of you who emailed me, or left a comment, please know that I am so touched and genuinely love you all. Yesterday was possibly the bottom. It was a terrible day and I ran out of everything. Nothing left except tears.

But today, I deliberately left myself space and time. I did a few bits this morning and then relaxed, and waited for the IVG. My friend Glynis came with me, and she saw why I have such confidence in the doctor there and the whole set-up. And hallelujah, he hit the vein on the first attempt, so it all went smoothly. I am still spaced out, and this is after a sleep. I came home, and toppled onto the couch and slept for 4 hours.

By chance, during the IVG, I touched my leg with the edge of the book Glynis had brought to show me on metalwork (for scrapbooking etc - divine....I want all the tools!) and I noticed that parts of my leg were numb and parts had feeling, and then we realised that the damged parts were all numb and a totally different colour. The rest of the leg had feeling. It was the invisible becoming visible, and we both looked at my leg, and said - there we can see the damage. I can't tell you what a difference it made to actually see where the damage was. It is real. The nurses confirmed it.

In other news -

Margaret, the garden fairy's grandchild is on the way as I speak, so please pray for a safe delivery. He/she is 2 weeks late and I don't think Margaret has any fingernails left.

A little girl called Bella, who is a friend of mine, had a major op to straighten her legs today. She is such a character and she is very brave. She has started a blog and her Dad is updating us on her progress, so if you wouldn't mind, please pop over and leave her a message to cheer her up and encourage her. Popping her on your prayer list would also be great. She has pseudoachondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, and you can find her here . It would be so great if there were loads of messages for her to read. Her blog is just 2 pages long, and if you read it you will have an idea of just how special she is, especially the post about "A bit more about me". Wow. (I have asked her Mum if she is happy for me to tell you about her, and she had no problem at all with that, by the way.) So off you go!

And that is that. Sometimes I need to be reminded that in the larger scale of things, I am very blessed, and my problems are insignificant. The very blessed part includes every one of you, whether you leave a comment or not. Yesterday, 112 of you viewed this page, and whether or not you left a comment, I am grateful for the prayers and support. It would be nice to know who you are, of course, and to the new commenters, you are very welcome here, and I am always delighted to make new friends! Make yourselves comfortable and go and visit my friends who comment regularly. This is a great little community.

Right. The eyelids are drooping a little, so it is off to bed I go. Fridays are my "lost" days as I wait for the anaesthesia to wear off. I will be back to mumble in the morning.


Vee said...

Just as there are no insignificant people, there are no insignificant problems. If it's a problem, it's a problem!

How interesting about being able to see exactly where the damage is. I'm glad that the nurses were able to verify. You are NOT crazy!

Oh, I'm saying a prayer for the new baby even now...hoping that the wee one has already been born. I specifically asked NOT to be notified until after the fact for both my grands. I don't do biting on nails very well at all and as I was in prayer continually...

Off to check out your friend's blog.

You are going to pop on and say so long before you head out, right?

Laurie in Ca. said...

Hi Linds,

What a nice post to come to this afternoon and know you are doing okay. Wow, seeing the damage is amazing and hopefully will lead to a complete healing. I am praying for this for you. Praying for fairy's grandchild and I am going to visit Bella right now. Have a good and rest filled night and know you are loved out here in California.

Love and Hugs, Laurie
PS. REALLY praying for Bath!!:)

Edith said...

So glad that today was a better day and you are feeling more encouraged. I can only imagine how strange it felt to literally be able to see the damage in your leg - cool and strange at the same time I'm sure.

Have a blessed Friday and hang in there. Know you are loved.

Susan said...

Great news about the leg!!

Linda said...

It is so good to "hear" you sounding better Linds. You have such a great heart and such real character. You're a blessing.
I'm off to visit your little friend.

Chris said...

That's my girl! And we're always here with cyber-hugs any time you need know that!

Rest well, my friend. Sunday's coming soon!

Dawn said...

Never doubt that we are here in cyberspace, holding you up and wishing we could be there holding your hand!

How are you getting to Bath?

Crystal said...

I just visited Bella's blog and said 'Hi'. Thank you for directing me over there. Another example of this amazing blog world!

I'm looking forward to news about the new baby. You two will have even more to chat about :))

Did you take a picture of the leg when you saw that? Do you think that's something you might want to remember or have for future reference? Just a thought.

Take care, my friend!! Rest well!!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like you had a very exhausting day. It must have been very interesting to actually see where the damage is. Amazing!

I will have to pop over and visit your friends site. Thanks for the info on her.

Hope your weekend treats you better.

lakeviewer said...

Linds, I do not know how you manage to stay in touch with folks, to leave encouragements all the time, and to have the energy to keep up with everyone and everything. Blessed you.

p.s. Give us the website of the friend you'd like us to visit.

At A Hen's Pace said...


Sending blessings and saying prayers...especially that this treatment in Bath will be totally successful!!

What a loooonnnnng Lent you are having--much more than 40 days. You are giving up so much, including your health and that energetic part of yourself--and not by your choice! I pray that Easter, in all senses, is right around the corner for you!


Mary said...

There you are!I just knew you would spring back into positive mode just as soon as you could. You are my inspiration, my friend.