Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday rambles.....

Well, I hope you enjoyed that video while it was up! At least you know what the treatment is like now, and yes, I do get coffee and biscuits (cookies) every time.

The sun is shining today and the doors are open, even though it is a trifle chilly, and the chainsaw is buzzing next door as more trees fall, but I can also hear the birds. There is a nest outside my side door in the gutter. I must try to photograph that as well.

I have had some wonderful chats in the past couple of days with my blogging friends. I was wafting about the kitchen with a frying pan in hand last night when the phone rang, and it was Chris to say hello. Such fun! And I also finally managed to find Crystal at home a few days ago and had a great time chatting to her too. Sigh. I am so glad I started blogging back in the dark ages! Well, in 2005, although I didn't get going till 2006. In fact, it must be my 3 year anniversary of proper blogging soon. Let me go and check... hang on.... April 2nd. That is when I really started blogging. So that can be my anniversary date.

Where was I...

Chatting to friends. I love it. What other news do I have...the Bump is doing really well and slept from 9pm till 4am last night apparently, and her mother discoverd the joys of what happens to one's anatomy when you start skipping feeds. Ah, I remember those days well. So she is growing fast and learning new things every day, and her Daddy goes back to work on Wednesday. He will miss being home with his little family.

David had to dissect a mouse at uni on Friday and spent yesterday in pursuit of something to get rid of the smell of "Death" as he put it so eloquently. I think lemon juice was supposed to work. I do hope he found something anyway! And Diana is happy in NZ. We have discovered the multicall function on Skype and hopefully will have a nine way conference call tonight. I hope! My microphone is a little iffy at the moment, so may not work, but I will be able to see them all together, which will be great.

This time next week I will be on my way to Bath. It can't come soon enough for me. I must go and do my exercises now, and tomorrow I have a lot of paperwork to try and plough through. It all has to be sorted by Wednesday. On Wednesday, I am having a meeting here with the people from work. It will be a final meeting I suspect, and that is fine. But it is something that has to be done, and then the last IVG on Thursday for now. So Friday is a lost day and then the weekend will be here again. I also have to go and get some of the things I do not own, like towelling dressing gown (yuk) and bathing costume. Triple yuk. They are required. And I refuse to get pyjamas. I will get a couple of new nighties instead. I have what resembles a tracksuit, and I will be wearing normal clothes most of the time, so I am almost sorted. I even own slippers. This is new for me.

Right. That is enough of the ramblings for now. Have a good day of rest, and enjoy any sunshine you may have!


Vee said...

Now, Linds, pjs can be very stylish and comfortable...just sayin'.

And how can your beloved bundle of feminity go on as "the Bump"? Surely, a more suitable moniker can be found. LOL! I well remember when I was concerned about keeping my grands' identities under wraps...I called them Chip and Skip.

Ugh...paperwork, I refuse to look over my right shoulder even now.

Have a wonderful rest-of-the-day!

Needled Mom said...

I can't believe that I managed to miss the video as I was so interested in viewing it. :(

The joys of having a baby sleep that long must have thrilled them despite the fact that she was uncomfortable.

I love Skyping with our grandson who lives 2 hours away from us. Isn't it a fabulous invention??

Good luck this week, Linds.

Dawn said...

A week till Bath. I can't wait to hear what will go on there.

Oh, I remember very distinctly the first time Kristen slept through the night (not as young as the little one there), and running in to check if she was breathing, and suddenly realizing I was in pain! And other things!

It would be fun to visit by phone again. I don't know what it would cost me. to call you. Kev called from London twice with my credit card (mistake!) and they were $45.00 each - and not long conversations. Reminded me of that post your phone and blog friend Crystal, I believe, wrote awhile ago.

How long will you be in Bath?

Sandra said...

Darn, I missed the video, I came yesterday all happy and the video had already been removed.

Glad you're enjoying your day and also glad that the Bump is sleeping so well. Mine didn't start really sleeping more than two hours at a time until they were at LEAST 8 months old....oh the joys! LOL


lakeviewer said...

I missed the video on purpose. Thanks for warning us about it. You sound better. I hope everything proceeds as you anticipate. Do buy yourself beautiful clothes for this stage of treatments. Or, buy whatever will help.

Linda said...

You sound bright and chipper today Linds. I think conversations with good friends tend to do that!
Whenever you mention Bath, I get a mental image of Jane Austen's heroines strolling around hoping to be seen by "Mr. Right."
Have a restful day, and we'll pray that the week goes very well.

Barbara said...

Interesting to see the video Linds as it gives more idea than your script. Still wonder how it all works though. I guess you donot care as long as it does work.

Pyjamas in my opinion are one of the great inventions. Especially the nice ones one can get these days.

Glad baby is doing well.

My daughter Jane has finished work now (until next year) so not solong now until our Granddaughter appears.

You are right the village pics in sepia do give them an oldie worlde feel.