Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Exercise and other activities.....

I smell of chlorine. I have been swimming. Well, I have been to the public pool, and even though it is the school holidays here and it is normally manic at the pool during holidays, I have discovered a little hour of relative quiet.

How? Well, I have started going to the Over 50s swim session. And if you thought for one minute that you just get in the pool and swim, you have never been to an Over 50s session.

Neither had I, until last week, but, mindful of the instruction to do the hydro exercises at least 3 times a week, I thought I would check out the pool. I should have known what was coming when I battled to understand how the lockers worked, and there was a rush of people eager to show me how to make them work.

Anyway. I finally manage to sort myself out and head for the pool. I get in, clutching the pool noodle and the board I need for exercises, and immediately, people stop in the lanes and look at me and say..."Are you all right, dear?" "Yes, I am fine, I just need to do some exercises." So I wade into the water to the depth I need to be which happens to be up to my neck, plonk the bits on the side, and start jogging on the spot.

"Hello, dear, you are new, aren't you?" And I jog on, chatting to the lady who asked. "Yes, I am, I just need to do exercises." "Ooh - what sort do you do? Are they easy? I hate the gym." "Well, yes, they are quite simple, but I have a wonky knee and...." "Ooooh! GILES!!!!! This lady has a wonky knee!" And so help me, half the pool swims over to discuss knees and their wonky bits. I am now trying not to laugh hysterically, and they all want to know the details. I am very brief - "I hurt it turning too fast", I said. You have no idea how many assorted medical things I learned in all of 5 mins. And all the details. Bless them all.

After 5 mins or so, they resume their swimming. Meanwhile I have discovered that the bottom of the pool is shiny tile, and I slide everywhere so I look like a demented whale caught in a whirlpool as I try to do my hands-on-the-hips-turn-from-the-waist-back-and-forth-thingy. The feet go everywhere. I submerge. Spluttering and gasping, I pop up, and you got it, there are the other OVER 50s. "Are you all right, dear??" "Yes, I am fine, the bottom seems a little slippery though." "Oooooh, dear, you need some of those pool socks. Our Albert swears by them!". Hmmmm. I need pool socks?? Albert???

Well, after attempting to cross the pool, doing my lunges, and stopping every lane or so for a chat, as I slip and slide, they could have a point. Pool socks could well be in my future.

They are all very sweet there, I have to say. They all seem to know each other, and there is much laughter and chat. And they are very friendly too, so one definite requirement seems to be the ability to tread water for a long time, because the chatting tends to take place in the middle of the pool, and in my case, in the deep end. Still, treading water has to be good exercise, doesn't it?

And breast stroke seems to be the order of the day. That way the heads stay out of the water and the talk continues as you swim. I swear they could represent the country in formation swimming. They paddle down the pool in a synchronised way, and chat as they go. The earrings stay on, and the hair never gets wet, and they are all loving every minute. I have now been 4 times, so I am included in their little circle now. I am A Regular. And I am in formation as well. When I finish the exercises. Head out the water, chatting as we go. They don't ask so many questions, but they all stop and chat. Some are even trying some of the resistance exercises, give me strength. I may have started something.

Over 60s in this county, get to go swimming for free, and believe me, they are making good use of this. So any ideas I may once have had about minding my own business, doing my exercises and getting out fast have evaporated. It takes twice as long, but I get out grinning, and if I miss a session, they would want to know why.

There is also a gym upstairs, and I may have to go and investigate that too. And, as things happen, I had to go to the surgery this morning to be weighed (that was not one of my finest moments) height measured and B/P taken. Why?? Well, my doctor is prescribing "activity" for me. So I will be getting prescribed gym membership because there are no hydro pools around here. How great is that??!!

I wonder if there is an Over 50s session in the gym???? I am becoming rather fond of Over 50s things! I am, of course, Over 50 myself.

This could be fun........


Chris said...


I guffawed all the way through. I could just hear all the "dearies" and "Giles'" as if I were there.

Keep it up, my friend!

Vee said...

ROFL! No! Make that ROIPL: roll over in pool laughing. My mom loves her pool sessions so I've heard these sorts of stories before. You are such a fun writer. I could read your stuff all day. I'm delighted for the gaggle of over 60 gals who have taken you under their wing. It's not to be mocked!

Carole Burant said...

Omigosh, Linds, I'm laughing so much here, I've got tears running down my cheeks! hehe I could just picture you in that pool the first time with all these ladies...too funny!! They sound like a great group of ladies, though, and they certainly do make your workout much more interesting, don't they! lol xoxo

Barbara said...

Gosh Linds the CRPS sounds appalling. Nice photo of you.

Yes from this week over 60's get to swim free just after I had bought a book of 12 tickets (as I always do) and right, no reimbursement. Our local council say it is only for 2 years and will be reviewed!!!!!

Laurie in Ca. said...

Oh Linds,

Thank you for the gift of laughter this afternoon. "Wonky knees and wonky parts" almost has me peeing my pants here. How cute to be noticed by the little old people who happen to be our age:) All of us with wonky's in one form or another. I love you girl and you sound good and so positive. Praying for you sweetie. How's the bump girlie?

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Mary said...

Ah, there you are! Count me in, please. I can waddle and wade and my breast stroke (while keeping her dry) is to die for. Although I do not have the socks, I believe I may still have, somewhere, that gorgeous swim cap with the little flowers on top which I proudly owned for several short weeks (I tried to squeeze myself into the local synchronized swimming team in Hoylake when I was 12 yrs old - that would qualify me - wouldn't it?).

Also, I have done a little price checking and it would be cheaper for me to buy a steamer in England than to lug mine over with me when I come to do your floors - book me in!

Also, also, I am not that fearful of reaching the top note (although that is a scary in itself, I am more alert to the timing of the mighty roar ;)

Well. must go - been a pleasure to read my dear.

Knees up, an all that!

Dawn said...

Oh, my goodness - what a riot! You make it sound like fun. But you definitely need to get some of those pool foot thingies that have grips on the bottom! We can't have you twisting a knee again!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Sounds exactly like my experience about 5 years ago when my doctor sent me for water therapy for my arthritic knees. There was a 15 year old girl with fibromyalgia and myself, 40 at the time, and everyone else was 60+. The only place within 100 miles that offers water therapy is a rehabilitation hospital so most of the clients are elderly people.

And I agree, the bottom of those heated pools are slicker than snot on a door knob! ;o)

Edith said...

ROFL! My 16 yr old son had to come over to see what I was laughing about...he stood over my shoulder saying "breathe Mom...in and out...slowly breathe. Now I know why you read those blogs! Breathe..."

12 yr old son simply turned the volume up on the tv.

Donnetta said...

What a fun read! I enjoyed every minute of it (not that I don't usually enjoy every minute I spend here)...oh, never mind. Hoping you know what I am trying to say! :-)

Seriously, keep up the great work!

someone else said...

I see your sense of humor hasn't been affected at all. Thanks for a fabulous morning laugh. I'm glad it turned out fun for you.

momteacherfriend said...

Heehee. I think I would rather enjoy being the lifeguard on duty during your chat/swim/exercise sessions.

Linda said...

It sounds wonderful Linds. I really enjoy that about us "older" folk. Just today we were waiting to be seated in a restaurant and an elderly lady sat down across from us clutching her to-go box.
Right out of the blue I heard her say, "Oh that was good!". Everyone just looked sort of startled, so I felt it incumbant (sp?) upon myself to join the conversation. I must be getting older than I think!

Janine said...

I did aquarobics - as it's called here - for years and really loved it. It's great exercise and lots of fun.

Becky said...

Too cute!!!!!

You could have a new ministry opportunity here!

You are an inspiration....just reading in Romans 5 this morning about our tribulations producing perseverance, character and hope ~ which you are displaying so beautifully and gloriously.

God bless you as you continue on this journey.

Happy Resurrection Day!

Blessings and love,

Becky Terry

Needled Mom said...

Good for a laugh, Linds. You have to love it!!!!

I had to take my mom to one of these therapudic pools after she became a paraplegic and it was as interesting as you describe. Try adding to that I had to apply weights to her angkles so her legs would actually stay IN the water. They popped straight out if the water without them. We were quite the sight, I'm sure.

Have a blessed Easter.