Thursday, April 16, 2009

Make overs and other such things.....

Part of growing slightly older is the fact that one's arms shrink. So the art of reading is more challenging. Sigh. So I went and had my eyes tested and now own varifocals once again. The last time I had the eyes tested was in 2002. And yes, I got varifocals then too. Only they broke and Geoff tried to fix them with superglue, which unfortunately messed up the lenses, so they were binned.

And I never got round to replacing them for many reasons, but the chief one was the outrageous cost, given that 99p reading glasses worked just as well. I did upgrade to £5 reading glasses when I discovered they were infintely more robust. You can tell that I am not brilliant at spending money on myself. Something the people at Bath also noted and told me to improve. All very well, providing one has the cash in the first place.

Anyway, where was I....... I have just collected the varifocals, and they are great for reading, and for the computer, I concede. However, the distance part is not right, so I will have to take them back and get it checked out. Or revert to wearing them on the end of the nose.

And I stopped on the way out and looked at the makeup. Not the Christian Dior makeup which was used for the makeover.....did I tell you about that one?? I don't think I did......

I was told in Bath that I had to focus on me. And that I had to pamper myself. That I had to forget the world around me, and be kind to myself, and that I was the important person now. This may sound simple, but it is very difficult. I have been a mother for 32 years, and a fixer of other people, and I look outward, not inward. So they told me to "go on - get out there and buy some frilly underwear, and have a free makeover at the department store, and have my nails done, hair cut...." You get the picture. I had to go out and do something. Anything. (They also want a list of things I do for myself in the 3 months before I go back.)

So I went to BHS and bought some underwear. This was not a roaring success. The underwear I bought was too ordinary, not special enough. So I failed on that test. Hmmm. I thought it was fine.

So I popped in to the department store, and told the Christian Dior lady who looked incredibly classy and beautiful, that I had been told to come and ask for a makeover. That I was an "inmate" at the Min (the hospital) and that I needed to look stunning. She grinned and said she would do that with pleasure.

I was quite a challenge, people. I had spent 2 weeks in hydro, and you do not want to know what the hair looked like. Frizzy and dried out and I was wearing tracksuit pants and an old sweatshirt, had no makeup on, the highlights were long gone, and I had my stick. Stunning. Of course. Did I mention that the people in Bath seem very elegant? Well, I felt like a bag lady when I was out and about. I really did.

So there I sat and she put on the makeup. Did you know that you are supposed to put your liquid foundation/base on with a BRUSH??? Huh?? When did that happen?? Anyway, she did a wonderful job. She asked me if I used a serum. Um, no. Oops. I thought that was for snakebite. And a special eye cream day and night?? She sighed. So did I. And when I was "done", I asked how much the serum cost. I need help here because right now I look 110 years old - wrinkled and prune-like. £97.00. Well, maybe not. And the magical foundation? £58. Nnnnnno. Perhaps that can wait. I ended up buying a lipstick. And because she was so sweet, and perhaps because I said that she really had made me feel very special, she got out a bag and tossed in a whole lot of samples, including a mini eye palette.

And I hobbled back to the hospital, and they were all waiting for me. I passed that test. The makeover was a success. My shopping trip for makeup was a fail. The new lipstick did not cut it.

So back to today. I was in Boots, and I stopped to look at the makeup, and I remembered that the lady in Bath had said I need to put on eye shadow with the stubby short-bristled eyebrow brush. A brush I never knew existed. Well, I found one today, so tick the box..... I did something nice for me. Myself. Now I have to learn how to use it the way she did. But at least I now have glasses to hide any disasters. Or do they magnify them?? Anyway, I have the brush. They also had a foundation-putter-on-brush-thingy too, but that was over £20 which seems totally ridiculous, so we will continue with the fingers as usual.

I will never look stunning, but hey, I have a new eye brush,lipstick, glasses, and BHS underwear so far. And don't forget the hair - that is cut and coloured.

Heaven knows what will be next....


Needled Mom said...

Too cute, Linds! Like you, I was amazed that the foundation is applied with a brush. How long ago did the sponge go out????

I'm glad that you did something for yourself finally. That must be the hardest part. We women tend to care for others and put ourselves last on the list.

The glasses are the most important. Did you get some in stylish frames????

Vee said...

Can't wait to find out what will be next... The sky's the limit, right? It's the pocketbook that stymies us.

You are brilliant to do something just for you and then to write about it so that perhaps the rest of us who don't do anything for ourselves either will get the message.

Yes, we'd love to see the glasses...

Chris said...

Photos! We want photos! Makeup full-on, hair color and cut, glasses, and a new, stunning outfit to boot...we won't settle for less than that.

Let us see the glam and the glitz!

PEA said...

Would you believe I've never put foundation on? All I ever use is mascara, a bit of blush and lipstick. The blush is in cream form and I use my fingertips to put it on! lol I wouldn't even know how to do all the fancy tricks one can do with makeup! Good for you for doing something for YOU...we tend to forget what it's like to be a woman after so many years of being a mother!!! xoxo

Dawn said...

Grrr. I did a whole comment and Blogger ate it up.

I do not do much in the way of make-up. I'm too lazy and too cheap. I should, because I'm definitely looking older every day and don't enjoy looking in the mirror.

I have to get new glasses, too, but keep putting it off because of time and money. There's always something clamoring for my few bucks!

Hope you're feeling better - wish I could see a picture of the "after" the makeover!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Our pastor has been known to say, from the pulpit during a sermon, that it's a good thing to slap some new paint on the old barn now and then. :o/

Maybe you should go all out and go clubbing, do the 5 inch heels and outrageous wigs and outlandish clothing, etc.

Or maybe not. ;o)



lakeviewer said...

I discovered the foundation brush lately also. I guess we must get out and shop more often.

Barbara said...

Well this must be the nicest prescription that anyone has ever had Linds.

Thanks for the You Tube link. I read about Susan Boyle in the newspaper. So right, I was in tears by the end. I will be watching out for her.

New Granddaughter arrived and on my blog.

Crystal said...

I'm love hearing about your adventures these days. And also to hear that someone is encouraging "you, beautiful you." I hope you enjoy each and every bit of this pampering.

I think my wedding shoes qualified for the heels that Diane mentioned earlier :)) And I am so happy that I got them, broke them in and survived the wedding in them!

Ah, yes - the dollars (money) - so tedious to have to worry about such a trifling matter. But that's reality for nearly every person in this world. The wealthy are such a small fraction of us. I was shopping for a few baby things today and was totally amazed at what some people buy for babies!!! Crib sheet sets for $200!!!!!! Granted, they were beautiful but I don't even spend that on my sheets - not to mention that mine cover a double sized bed, not a crib! Thanks for listening to my rant :)

Olson Family said...

You were brave! I've never gone to a cosmetic's counter for a makeover.

And the hair looked great.

Morning Glory said...

I love Diane's advice! The problem with your stories is that you don't post pictures until we beg and beg. This was an awesome telling of your adventure with the makeover. Thanks for the great giggle.

The Bookworm said...

Ah! Foundation brushes. I only know about them because I have a teenage daughter. I also know that the Body Shop do gorgeous soft ones that are cheaper than Boots - I think the largest are about £12. I know this because while teen and pre-teen daughters were in said shop playing with testers I was happily occupied stroking brushes. That was after I abandoned testing smelly things when I overdid the tangerine thinking it was vanilla.

Susie said...

I agree that it's important to do something for just You! I think many of us can relate to just how difficult that is.
I've never worn foundation. I wear less makeup now that when I was working. (I do wear perfume every single day though)
thanks for the giggles this post gave me!

megstev said...

Varifocals are just wonderful! Means I can read a map in the car (or the GPS now I have one) as well as seeing the road signs. But I also have my reading glasses as I need them for the computer and for reading in bed. :)

Kathleen Marie said...

Oh wow, I have never had a makeover but I totally agree that we do need to put ourselves first sometimes, take care of ourself... pamper! I love soaking in the tub with candles and a glass of wine to relax. I put in bath oils and such and love the smell!

Oh, and pictures! We want pictures of your makeover! Lovely!

Harley's World said...

Just wanted to let u know that I'm still trying to find the time to follow your interesting blog. I read below about CRPS and found it very interesting.
I have chronic migraines and although very different from your pain,to me,is pretty tricky to live with. I suffer the same kind of reactions to it from doctors and others as you probably have had at times.
They are not really sure of what to do with me as I don't fit the textbook kind of migraine sufferer.
I am also meant to be on amitriptawhatzit but I am skeptical of it in a way.
Anyway,I am learning to live with the pain (It's bad for about 10-14 days out of every month!)and at least while pregnant with Harley I had some relief from it.
Glad that you went to the place in Bath where you could get some help for how to deal with it.
Enjoy that lovely granddaughter and know that you are not alone in your suffering.

Miranda-Harley's mum.

Anonymous said...

Foundation brushes are great! They last for years too once you buy one. Go for it! Try the Body Shop, I'm sure they're cheaper there.