Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring means change.....

It is Spring. That means cleaning. Throwing out stuff. Tidying. Sorting. De-cluttering. Or is means that it is time to get out in the garden, plant things, water seeds. I seem to be in the middle of all the above.

I woke late on Sunday and decided that my room needed sorting. Well, that could have something to do with the pile of clothes on the table at the end of the bed which threatened to rival the nearest mountain for height actually. The average British house has very small bedrooms, people. VERY small. And all my furniture came from South Africa, and some of it belonged to my grandparents, and so it is sturdy, oak, old, heavy, and very large. So large that, with 2 chests of drawers in my bedroom, and a bed and bedside table, it was almost impossible to open any drawers. Not ideal WHEN ONE WANTS TO WEAR THE CLOTHES IN THE DRAWERS. Sigh.

Enter the son. He is home for a month on his spring holiday, and he is large and has formidable muscles. So there we were, the 2 of us in my small bedroom, and I was issuing instructions. Then we ended up with the queen size bed wedged firmly at an angle.


Plan B was not successful either - those heavy chests of drawers moved all round the room, and in the end, we had to stand the bed on its end to get anywhere. I helped a little now and then. He did most of it. I helped by making suggestions which he was not always happy to hear. Mothers are always helpful like that.

And in the course of the Great Change of the Bedroom, we had many rests and pauses for me to go through yet another pile of clothes. There are now 5 garbage bags full of clothes in my car, and I have not started on the cupboard yet. And today, another friend popped round to help Muscle Man to bring a huge chest of drawers down the stairs, because it is on its way OUT. Yes, I know it is old, oak and beautifully built. It is just too big and takes way too much space and holds way too little stuff.

We will swiftly skim over the 6 inches of dust which I discovered under the bed. My poor old Dyson had a hayfever attack. It was touch and go, but he recovered enough to get rid of most of the dust and is now on a holiday for a few days. Poor old machine. It is one of the very first Dysons. A pensioner.

So that is what I did yesterday. I was up and down those stairs way too many times, and today am paying for that. I look like the hunchback of Notre Dame. But the bed is moved. Not ideal, but better than before. I can also open the drawers. I can access my clothes. Progress indeed.


Susie said...

Sounds like you accomplished quite a lot with your son's help. We have a husky (and strong) grandson that we now use when we have heavy moving.
Such a blessing to us both.
Hope you can rest and recover today!

Chris said...

Ah, Spring!

What would we do without it?

I'd live in muck and mire ALL year long instead of just 3/4. :)

lakeviewer said...

Easy there, Lunds. You make us all feel like slugs here, still hybernating, waiting for warmer weather.

Vee said...

It is so frustrating when a family piece just doesn't work. Your dresser could have a chat with my grandfather's Victrola that is now sitting out in a corner of the garage. It's painful, but necessary. So, yes, it is good to think of your space as prime real estate and what doesn't work or doesn't fit can't stay.

Now you must take a breather and I'm sure your darling boy will be grateful, too, that you must.

Take it easy now!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

We now live in a much smaller place than we had before. I've been slowly but surely getting rid of all but the most important pieces of furniture (we inherited a lot).

I went through my side of the closet and all my dresser drawers today. It was hard but a lot is now on the way to charity and everything is much easier to pull out when needed.

I guess there is something about Spring!

Dawn said...

I used to have a bedroom that small with large furniture - when we sat on the bed, we could touch the dresser with our knees. I know what you mean about the dust under the bed - the vacuum wouldn't fit in the room!

If you want a lift, come over and see the mountains after our recent snows.

Mary said...

I would like to give a big call out to your son - well done, lad!

Could you send him over my way perhaps?

Olson Family said...

Does your son do yardwork as well? :) College students always need extra money right? Our neighbors sons don't seem to do any physical labor of any sort - I find this strange. I'd love to pay them but things seem to work differently here.
I filled 3 large bags with kids clothes last week and ready to work on my own - Love the Spring Cleaning! I feel your exhaustion and sense of accomplishment.

PEA said...

You mean you've been walking around naked all this time because you couldn't get to your clothes in the drawers???? hehe Oh dear, it does sound like it was quite a job moving things around. Big heavy furniture and small rooms don't go very well should try selling it and getting something much lighter and smaller, unless you're attached to that furniture:-) Don't overdo it, my friend, make sure you rest today!! xoxo

Needled Mom said...

I know it will feel wonderful to have it all done, Linds. The work will be worth it and it is wonderful to have help doing it.....strong help!!!

Linda said...

Accessing one's clothes is a good thing Linds. And isn't it fun to change things around a little bit?

It's also a relieve to get rid of some of the clutter. I did the same thing the other day. It feels like a burden lifted!

Now get some rest.

Barbara said...

Glad you made it. Certainly a busy time of year with spring cleaning and gardening and even more so when you add to that equation a new born babe. We are decorating again too.
Don't overdo it Linds and spoil all the good work done in Bath.

Donnetta said...

Sounds like you got a lot done! I need to take a hint from you and get going on some stuff that needs sorting through here!

Jan said...

Hi Linds! Popping in to say hello! I've been away and have finally found time to do some visiting. It sounds as if you've been very busy! I've been doing some Spring cleaning also, but haven't been as productive as you!
Take care and hope to visit again soon!