Friday, September 04, 2009


It has been a couple of days of appointments and assorted sundries which has kept me from blogging. The need to nap mainly. I am tired, my friends. The drowned book I was trying to read is a by-product of the tiredness. I fell asleep in the bath and woke to see my book, which has clearly got me sitting on the edge of the seat, floating face down in the water. The bubbles make it all the more interesting. It smells good.

Where was I.... oh yes, appointments and such like. I saw the physiotherapist at dawn yesterday, and as I am no longer making mistakes with the exercises, she does not need to monitor me for a while. Or at least till I get the next set of exercises from Bath. And then there was the return to aquarobics in the afternoon. I was a wreck afterwards. We worked hard. HARD. And it is only when you lever yourself out of the water and attempt to walk with gravity back in full swing, that you realise how hard you have been working.

I managed to leave my socks at home - for in the water, so I don't slip - well, I managed. Just. I also forgot my hairbrush at home. This was unfortunate, as I washed my hair and towelled it dry with vigour when I got out of the water. No hairbrush meant I departed as rapidly as possible, looking like the bride of godzilla. Sigh.

Today I was up and out at dawn again with Glynis to see the new orthopaedic surgeon re the unfortunately positioned ganglion at the base of my thumb. The gear changing hand. That thumb. The one which is used all the time. Anyway, the man was great, and he announced that because of the CRPS, they would be doing nothing unless I was in mortal agony, which I am not. We definitely do NOT want the CRPS to erupt in the hand too. At least he had heard of CRPS and knew about it.

And now, I am about to go and see the occupational health doctor for work related stuff. I just hope he has a working knowledge of CRPS too, though it is entirely possible he doesn't. Glynis will be taking me and sitting in on the appointment. Those friends I mentioned... they are great.

So.... ho hum. A fun day. A fun few days. I may have mentioned this before, but I absolutely hate having to justify myself. Explain the illness. And because it is largely invisible, it makes it a million times worse. And because I am a strong willed individual, I hate to show signs of weakness, and that makes it worse still. If I was adept at being a wimp, it may have been a trifle easier. I missed that gene. The wimpy one. But, as I keep saying, next time I am coming back all pink, fluffy and helpless. The order has been placed.

Right. It is time to go. I will check in later.


I am back and he knew all about CRPS. Hallelujah. It was not bad at all. Now I am off for a nap again.


Needled Mom said...

I can relate to the sad tale of drowned books. I guess it is better than a drowned "us".

Lots of appointments must drive you crazy. At least they are familiar with the CRPS. That is good.

Yes, it sounds like your friends are wonderful. Aren't you blessed to have them in your life?

Dawn said...

So, a ganglion cyst on top of everything else! At least it doesn't hurt. I was so glad to see mine gone, but then I don't have other things to deal with that make it not a good idea.

Have a good week-end!

Isabelle said...

Ah, a nap. Now that sounds good.

My verification word is "strive". Now isn't that appropriate for your blog!?

Linda said...

I am a little concerned about this falling asleep in the tub Linds!!!
Now that all the appointments are over - go take a proper nap in a proper bed!!!

Morning Glory said...

Thanks for a great laugh. I can just see that sweet-scented book floating around in the bubbles. I agree with Linda, however, in that a proper bed would be a better place for a nap.

Holly said...

Haha oh dear! I have done the whole "accidentally forgetting my hairbrush" thing before too!