Monday, September 07, 2009

We failed.....

The posse returned from the woods with no success. The glasses are nowhere to be seen. Exercise has been done though. Much exercise. I do believe that will do for the rest of the week. Or until the next aquarobics session, anyway.

The apples are about to go in the freezer, the dead plants are in the bin, the autumn table cloth is on the table, and the sand has been acquired.


Ah yes. Remember the demise of the garden shed? Well, the space where it used to sit needs to be paved. So, as my son is home for the summer holidays, and more importantly, as he is off to uni next week for the new academic year, I thought a little healthy exercise, as in "lay a patio if you want to eat", would be in order. Please. So tomorrow, he and his shed demolotion accomplice, Duncan, aided by Jean and me yelling encouragement and instruction in a helpful manner, I hope it will be done. We have the slabs for the patio. We have cement. Well, Jean has cement and will bring it tomorrow. We have the sharp sand. I have no idea why it is called sharp sand. It is not blunt. I have a spirit level. And a plank of wood.

And once the boys get going, I will have a patio. Sons are really great blessings. I am not sure he thinks the same about his mother right now. The poor kid had to carry the sand, which is incredibly heavy, and the concrete slabs. I think he is resting. Recuperating. I held the doors open.

So that has been my day. Tomorrow the sun is going to shine. Plums and tomatoes need to be dealt with. Washing too. My house smells of apple and cinnamon right now - it smells like autumn!

Happy Labor Day to my American friends. (I am still tempted to spell it the English way - Labour!!)


Crystal said...

Oh, yes - get those jobs done before he escapes to university again! We found out how heavy pails of sand are this weekend when we took some to Silas for his sandbox. I'm still trying to prolong summer - no autumn tablecloths out here! Good luck with tomorrow's project :))

Dawn said...

I'm going to post about our patio project later this week. It's massive! Show us pix when David's done.

So sorry about your glasses.

Judith said...

Linds, Am so sorry you lost the glasses. What a bummer. But on a happier note your apple and cinnamon mesmerizes me. And if that's not enough, there's that "happy" quilt.

I so understand about sons helping. Your new patio is a great plan.