Sunday, September 06, 2009

Quilts, glasses and tomatoes.....

Quilts, glasses and tomatoes..... I have have reached new heights - or depths, rather - in the realms of snappy titles. This has to be the worst of the lot. Accurate, but decidely not stunning.

I made this quilt, the Happy Quilt, to use in the summer if I lit my chiminea and it got a little chilly outside. Bright, summery and fun. The chiminea has not been lit. It is too cold to contemplate sitting out at night. Quilt and fire or not. So it can wait till next year. I have also decided to make a big bright one for my bed in the winter months, because it is certainly not drab, and will make me smile. Cheerful is good! A Happy Quilt.

After church this morning, David and I decided that going for a walk would be a better idea than vegging out on the couch, so we went to a nearby country park (with the sticks too) and walked through the forest. There are hundreds of paths. I tell you this because, when we got back to the car, I realised that I had lost my varifocals. In the forest. On one of those many many paths. Give me strength. David went one way and I went another but could not find them anywhere. I have told the ranger, and hope sincerely that someone has picked them up and will hand them in. But tomorrow, my friends are coming with us, and we will look again. If we can EVER find the exact paths we took.

I can't remember if I told you that we are experimenting with the medication I am on, to see if I can survive without the tablets. You have NO idea what I am feeling right now. I am determined to make it through a month, but I do believe I am aging 10 years every day. This is why I am so exhausted all the time. The doctors have told me I can up the doses whenever I need to, if it gets too bad, but I want to see if I can adapt. Believe me, it is bad. So I have been trying walking more to take my mind off my leg. (I actually wrote "the" leg, and remembered to change it!) It hurts no matter what I do, so I may as well do something fun, if you see how my mind is working here.

Anyway, if I sound a little bonkers in the next few weeks, please overlook my rambles. I have a very valid excuse.

And now I must go and look at the tomato/onion stuff I have cooking on the stove to freeze. I have a mountain of tomatoes, and as fast as I cook them, the pile grows even bigger. There are also apples and plums to sort. They can wait till tomorrow. I need another freezer. Sigh. I will be back later.


Dawn said...

Yay - I'm first. I am so sorry about your glasses - I need to replace mine and keep putting it off because of the cost. Ridiculous.

I am also sorry about your medication dilemma. Our pastor just retired last Sunday, effective Oct, partly because of his previous heart attach, and the meds make him so so tired that he can't function on all cylinders - which you really need to do when you're a pastor.

I love that quilt - just lovely. I hope it cheers you on these cold, too early to be this cold days!

Pam said...

Oh dear, poor you on the specs and the leg fronts. I hope your pill experiment works and someone hands in your glasses.

My husband was once sailing a small yacht and the boom (is that the word?) swung round and knocked his varifocals down into the briny deep. Gone for ever.

Chris said...

Oh dear. Varifocals? I have bifocals, but have never heard of varifocals. Whatever they're called I know they're expensive!

Let me know when you'll be available tomorrow and maybe we can try a Skype? I've missed the cyber face-to-face!

Linda said...

I love that quilt Linds! It is so colorful, cheerful and beautifully done.
I'm so sorry about your glasses. I'm going to pray that someone finds them quickly and turns them in.
I'll also be praying for you as you try to do without those tablets. Oh Linds, it has been a long haul. You are amazing.

Midlife Mom said...

Oh my! I LOVE that quilt and all the cheerful colors!!! I like bright colors rather then the muted browns and tans so most of my quilts are rather bright.

So sorry about your glasses! What does variglasses mean? I wear trifocals which have three different strengths. Sigh....took some getting used to. Hope you find yours.

So sorry you are in so much pain all the time Linds. You do well to get out and walk but like you say maybe it gets your mind off the pain. Have you ever considnered a chiropractor? Don't know if that would help in your situation but it keeps me going.

It's lovely here finally and I am putting up fall decorations! Yesterday was in the 80's but this morning must have been close to
40* and I kept dreaming that I was cold and needed a big shaggy bathrobe! lol! The cats were snuggled right in so they must have been cold too.

Do take care of yourself Linds!

Michelle (wife, mom, grandma, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, and striving to be a Proverbs 31 woman) said...

Oh, Lindsay. I have missed being in blogland, and your blog. I'm sorry to hear of your current trials.
Blessings to you sweet lady.

Crystal said...

I love the quilt! The colors are definitely happy ones. You amaze me that you could finish this when you are so busy with family, friends and life. I pray that you can get through the next month. And now I am off to can up more peaches and start on the tomatoes. It's going to be a good winter - not having to buy everything :)) "See" you soon!

Janine said...

Your quilt is stunning - so colourful.

Barbara said...

Thw quilt is beautiful and so colourful.
Sorry to read your leg still hurts somuch Linds.
My freezers are full of prepared produce too.