Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sister!

Today my little sister is 53. I had to check that! It is her birthday, and once again, I wanted to tell you how incredibly blessed I am to have this amazing woman as my sister. It wasn't always a blessing, let me add. She was a nightmare when I was small. Irritating. She got me into trouble. She was naturally brilliant. An over-achiever. A blight on my landscape. Well, the landscape of a 12 year old's life.
My mother used to say....you will be glad to have a sister when you are older. Hmmmmm. I never believed her at all. (Someone called Oscar is ringing me on skype. Repeatedly. Who the ******* is Oscar????) But she was right, as mothers generally are.

I am glad.
She is a blessing.
She is possibly the one person in the world who knows me best of all.
She is the hardest worker in the universe.
She has a heart as big as an ocean.
She adores her husband.
She adores her family.
Everyone loves her.
I love her.

She is special.

Happy Birthday, Marge!


Chris said...

Oh yes!! The happiest of birthdays to Lind's Little Sis!

Dawn said...

You and I are blessed to have the sisters we do. Happy Birthday! My sis and I are the same age for 2 weeks every year!

Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday to your sister. Yes, I know what you mean about growing up and NOT appreciating a sister. Aren't we glad that we have them now?

Crystal said...

Sisters are definitely THE best!!

Happy Birthday, Marge!

Vee said...

You know the science...you're more closely related to a sibling than any other person on earth. Usually it's wonderful to have that connection with someone who truly understands what it was like to grow up at your house. :D

Hope that Marge had a wonderful birthday!

The Bookworm said...

I have always wished I had a sister. My daughters are lucky enough to have two - I hope they appreciate each other as adults the way you do your sister.