Wednesday, December 02, 2009

And upside down house.....

I am trying to sort the chaos in this house. This is not an easy task. That would be because there is far too much STUFF in the place. Remember I went up onto the deck last week and found cupboards I had not been into for 10 years? Well today, Jean popped round to help and we heaved all the boxes down from the deck. Fabric. More fabric and yet more fabric. I was ruthless. The fabric I will never use again, I tossed to one side, and Jean took it home. 90% of what was up there. She will check out what she wants and the rest is going to a friend who sews for her church bazaars. Brilliant. If she doesn't want it, it can be recycled. And the pieces I kept have been added to my epic stash.

And the house looks no different. I think minimalist may be a bit beyond me. I also need to spend a week shredding paper. The mountain grows, and I have so much paper in the sewing room too. When I get the study sorted - after having the piano and gigantic cupboard removed, all the study type stuff can exit the sewing room, leaving place for the craft and sewing things. Just do not ask where the contents of the giant cupboard will be going. I am being an ostrich about that.

Well. That is the plan. I need to get it done. But why oh why do I get the spring cleaning bug just before Christmas? I have lost my marbles.

And in addition to this, I am busy altering a dress for the wife of a work colleague. I loathe and detest alterations, especially for other people, and it is driving me crackers. Tomorrow. It will be done tomorrow. My friend very kindly repaired an old oak chair for me, and when I tried to pay him, he said, no he wanted nothing, except for me to alter his wife's dress. Groan. I had no choice. Tomorrow. I will gather the courage and cut the wretched hem off. Shudder. I have visions of catastrophe. Things for my family = no problem. For strangers???? This is a one time event, people.

I am restless at the moment. Maybe I need to go and wrap a few more things up and deposit them under the tree. Or something.

You know what? Just 16 more posts and I will be writing my 1000th post! Who would have thought..... We will have to celebrate somehow. I will be doing a giveaway then, and maybe some of you have a few ideas of how I can mark the 1000th post. Let me know in the comments! I have to make sure it is this year, I think!

All those words......


David Langdon said...

Give away the contents of the old giant oak cabnet!

Linda said...

That David is just brilliant!!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Yep, I agree, David has the right idea. If you've gone all this time without missing anything from there, it's a pretty good bet you can live without it from here on out.

I'm one to speak. I have loads of stuff I need to sort through and pare down. Someday. ;o)

Good luck getting it all done without overdoing.

Love and hugs,


Crystal said...

You definitely are a project person - always something on the go at your house! Good for you to deal with even one part of the stuff - small steps, my dear :)) Doctor's order, you know. Yes - 1000 posts is alot of words and a lot of thinking. It's keeping you young! I'm so glad you are blogging and that we've become friends through it.

Crystal said...

Hey, L - I tagged you over at my blog :))

Dawn said...

Love David's sense of humor!

1000! Wow. When did you start? Your words are always so well worth the space.

I thought I was doing great heading up to 500!

I don't even have anything to wrap yet! Wow ie me.

Pam said...

1000, wow. I have no idea how many I've written but not that many.

No, I'm not minimalist either. I'd like to be. Theoretically.

Pam said...

... as for the giveaway.. you can't have the quilt back! It's round my shoulders as I type.