Sunday, December 20, 2009

One of the chicks is back in the nest....

David is home. At last. One out of three is a great deal better than none out of three, I have to say. There is someone in the house who will help eat the mountains of biscuits!

It is still freezing here. -7 this morning and never warmer than -2ish. Delightful. And the ice..... it is unbelievable. Glynis, my friend who has taken me all over the place, and with whom I have adventures managed to slip this afternoon and has broken her wrist. *&*%!*! Yes, you heard right. The timing is dire. Her sister arrives this week for a month's stay, and they had such wonderful plans for adventures. They will still have them of course, just not quite the way they intended. Thank heavens her daughter is home for the holidays now. And Kate, Janine and I will sort the Christmas dinner. Glynis can issue orders from the comfort of the chair. What was that I said re the best laid plans?????

And for good measure, Glynis's son is in Europe. He and his friends crossed the channel on Eurostar. The one which has since suspended all crossings after 5 trains broke down under the Channel. Oops. He will find a way home for Christmas, but says that may just be an adventure too. Also unplanned.

I don't think there have been any other disasters I need to relate. Yet. I have not written a Christmas missive either this year. Everyone knows the great highlight of course. That was Missy's arrival and that was indeed a stellar event. And Diana's visit, which was a delight. Oh how I miss my girl. The rest has been a series of lowlights, which I refuse to dwell on. (I know the grammar is appalling.)

But I am happy right now. My baby is home. Never mind that the child towers over me, and is a man. I am his mother, so I can say what I like. He makes me grin.


Crystal said...

Hurray!!!! Enjoy every moment together and every biscuit eaten :)) Too bad about Glynis - praying for healing for her. I've been listening to every newscast about the situation in Europe. Thinking of you lots these days! Happy Week Before Christmas!

Needled Mom said...

So glad that David is back in the nest, but terribly sorry to hear about Glynis. I do hope that she mends quickly. That ice can be so dangerous.

Take care and have a blessed Christmas week.

Dawn said...

Your pictures are wonderful.

So glad David got home - and so sorry about Glynis. But hopefully all plans will go forward and be enjoyed, once the pain has subsided.

The cookies sound wonderful, but think I'll not look at the recipe. Too dangerous to the hips!

Dawn said...

PS - I remember another time when a book you were reading floated away in the tub!

"Glynis's Son" said...

18hrs, 6 trains, 2 buses, 2 taxis, 1 ferry, 1 really long walk, about 6hours of queing in the ice and snow but I'm home! We actually quite enjoyed it all. Other people did not haha!
Mmm Eurostar.

"Glynis's Son" said...

Hmmm now considering deleting that post and getting you to blog a bit more about my "trail, tribulation and nightmare journey braving the cold, wind, ice and snow with no information from Eurostar during which I may have picked up hypothermia and/or a mild case of death" and definately did not spend the day singing, dancing, being silly and having a few beers with my mates in order to see if Eurostar will give me any free stuff haha!!! :) :)