Monday, December 07, 2009

We know how to queue here....

I remembered those cards. Off I went to the Post Office in the village and when I opened the door, I was met by half the population of the village. Stuffed inside. It was hilarious. The queue wound back and forth around the place, and whoever ended up nearest the door acted as doorman and chief director to the end of the queue. Those who were slightly unsteady on their feet were ushered to the 2 chairs in the front, and bless them, they each knew exactly where they were in the queue. No-one snarled. There was much laughter, and lots of chatter too, and everyone was comparing destinations for the cards they wanted to post. We did discuss the need for coffee and considered singing a few carols as well.

It was so village-like and so typically British, that you had to smile. I am not sure those behind the counter had remembered the smiling bit, poor things. They were worked off their feet.

Today is the UK version of Cyber Monday. The day internet sales peak. We are apparently a week behind the States. The first Monday in December is The Day, I gather. And I have had a lovely quiet day, apart from the PO run. I tried to catch up with bookclub reading, but kept nodding off on the couch. It was so warm and cosy under the blanket, you see. I failed to read more than a chapter. Oops. Bookclub is tonight, so I will go and confess I know nothing. Yet again.

But it doesn't matter. Nodding off or not, I have loved the slowness and peace.


Needled Mom said...

I must say that the Brits are the absolute best at a queue!!!! Love it.

Linda said...

Yes, the slowness and the peace. I am having just such a day. Dark and gloomy outside, warm and cozy inside - Christmas music playing.

Crystal said...

Quiet and peaceful is what this season should be about - good for you to make it so. The lineup sounds delightful - community spirit at its best :)) I did some online shopping at 4 places on the weekend and all the packages shipped today - I am impressed and ever so happy!! Here's to more peace and quiet tomorrow.

PS. What book are you reading? We are working on The Lizard's Cage - and I'm only on page 175 of 450 and we meet on Thursday. I don't think I will make it!

Dawn said...

I love this - absolutely love the mental picture of all of you crowded in the post office having a good time, and almost singing. So great!

The time on the couch sounds wonderful - dozing off on a book or a t.v. show is the best feeling. Taking it easy is what you need to do!