Saturday, January 02, 2010

Day 2 of the new decade......

We have now mastered the treble stitch. Great. The only problem is that I have forgotten the 2 I learned yesterday. This is going to take some time I feel. However, perseverance is going to be my second name.

I don't know what has happened to global warming. Here in the UK we have apparently moved to global colding. It is perishingly cold outside and the snow is threatening to reappear. The ground is frozen solid. Up north, the snow has not gone at all. More keeps falling. Thank heavens for the recession heaters I made. I am tired of wearing 47 layers of clothing, though.

This post is moving all over the place, much like the mind is at the moment.

Late this afternoon, I happened to be outside, and looked up into the darkened sky, and I saw so many planes criss-crossing the heavens, in all directions. I stood there looking at those flickerign lights, and wondered about where they were going, who was on board, and what kind of adventures they were about to have. I wondered about far off places I have only dreamt about. New beginnings perhaps. I thought of places waiting to be explored. Of hemispheres, and different stars at night. Of friends and family scattered all over the world.

This is what happens at the start of a new year. A new decade. The wondering. The dreaming. The open notebook time, with pristine pages waiting to be covered with writing. My writing. A story yet to be lived and yet to be told. This is the second day in a new decade for me. A new year for me. For each of us. What, I wonder, will the writing tell of? Where will I go? What will I be doing?

There are 2 ways to look at the wide open spaces, aren't there - with fear or with anticipation. The unknown can be a frigtening thought. Change can induce fear. Or, anticipation can generate excitement, and change, delight. Ah, I am thankful I was born with an adventurous spirit.

Change. Adventure. New opportunities. Climbing out of the rut. Doing something different. Pushing aside the familiar, and trying something new and challenging. Getting out of the comfort zone for a while. These then are the thoughts chasing about my head at the moment. The thoughts which have made me restless.

It is possible that I have spent the last 12 months marking time. Perhaps for the simple reason that I needed to rest and gather strength for what may be waiting this year. Or that I was not ready. Or maybe there is another year of marking time ahead for me. I have no idea. Anything is possible. Wildest dreams become attainable when we leave ourselves open to those chance opportunities which pop up now and then, but only if we have the courage to grab them with both hands. We have to be willing. To trust. To go. To try.

This is a time of wonder.


Dawn said...

Good for you, learning to crochet. I did it with a book, too, if I recall - so long ago that I can't remember. I need to do it again, but don't know if my eyes or my wrists can take it.

Good thoughts, as usual!

Vee said...

Yes, I find myself wondering, too.

I keep telling friends this, but have you heard the song "Overjoyed" featured on Karen's list? Wonderful. (A Scrapbook of Inspiration)

Needled Mom said...

It is definitely a time for reflection and wonderment.

Glad to hear that you are taking up the crocheting. It will keep the frozen fingers moving too. Wish I could share a little heat over the net. It was 82* here today - delightful after our chilly days.

PEA said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Linds! I do hope that 2010 brings you nothing but the best:-) I've finally got all my Christmas decorations put away so now I have time for the computer again. I really missed blogging and visiting during the holidays but now I'm back!!! xoxo

Colin said...

Happy New Year to you, Aunty Joy, Marge and all the family.

You are of course welcome in Sydney anytime and for as long as you want to stay, we have plenty of spaces.


Colin and Sharon

Crystal said...

Great thoughts for the start of a new decade. What will it hold indeed? Perhaps a chance for us to meet in person - I hope so! And a year of rest is a very good thing - we are quite programmed to think we need to be busy, busy, busy to be productive. I disagree with that at times. You always make me think!

Sandra said...

I'm so excited that you're learning to crochet, I just taught myself last year and now I can't get enough of it :)

Can't wait to see what you start making.