Friday, January 08, 2010

I actually left the house today...

You will all be thrilled to know that Easter has arrived at Hobbycraft, and every possible item your heart could desire in pink, yellow, purple and green is there waiting for you. I know this, because I dug out and dusted off the Spirit of Adventure and ventured out of the igloo in search of wool. A couple of ladies on the search for the right wool and I compared notes, and came to the conclusion that Hobbycraft fails miserably on the wool front. But on the Easter front, if any of us were remotely considering Easter on the 8 January, they come up trumps. And you will be happy to hear that I have finished the other wristwarmer, and have made a snowflake! Sigh. There is no end to the excitement around here. Mother's stash of wool in her cupboard is disappearing fast.

The bookclub ladies and I went to see "Julie and Julia" last night, and we can all heartily recommend it to those of you who may not have seen it yet. That also involved dressing like eskimos and driving at -3 miles an hour on icy roads. I did ponder the wisdom of going anywhere, given that it started snowing yet again, but cabin fever was starting to set in, and I needed to re-connect with the world. The snow fell yet again during the night too. And this morning.

The news channel showed an amazing picture of the British Isles - all white and icy taken by Nasa - I must find it.

Here it is - amazing, isn't it?? It reminds me of that movie - The Day after Tomorrow. On the topic of snow and ice, my sister wants to know why the UK bother with salt on the roads. In Alpine villages, they use only gravel, so the cars have traction. And the bodywork of cars is not ruined. They save the salt for the motorways. Or roads down the mountain. Salt melts the ice, but then that freezes, and so the next morning, you have skating rinks, as we know all too well around these parts. The gravel would go a long way to filling the ridiculous potholes appearing all over the country too. Ice is the mega problem.

The curry is bubbling away on the stove, so I am off. Stay warm!


Chris said...

Please, mum, will you come cook for me? You always seem to have the best dishes on the stove/in the crockpot!

Here it is snowing once again. The temp is 0 degrees F and I am NOT amused. Global warming? HA!

The Bookworm said...

I agree Hobbycraft is a failure when it comes to wool. It's not good for sewing patterns either, as eldest daughter and I discovered last week - unless you want to make fancy dress, that is. John Lewis is pretty good for wool, or if you don't want to venture out of the igloo again, Kemps clearance lines are a bargain hunter's dream.

Dawn said...

You are having fun with the crocheting thing - good for you!

I haven't seen Julie and Julia yet, but keep hearing that I should. Have you seen Blindside yet? You must!

Vee said...

That weather photo is pretty impressive all right. You've already finished your handwarmers? Good heavens! You'll be opening an Etsy shop any day now. (My preference for the highways is some chemical that prepares the roads in advance and the snow doesn't stick. We had great success with that one and accidents were very low those years, but now that the recession has hit, it's not purchased any longer and the roads are a regular nightmare.)

Needled Mom said...

Tis hard to imagine Easter already!!!

Loved Julie and Julia. I went with my mom and sister and we all enjoyed it. Have you attempted the B B yet?

Crystal said...

The weather is finally above zero degrees here today - and I am off to the lake, to walk awhile and take some pictures. It feels positively like spring, after more than a month of cold. I've been watching the nightly news to get the latest updates on your weather. I keep thinking I might spot you one of these days! Silly, I know but you are always on my mind when England is mentioned :)

Easter! I still have the Christmas tree up and carols playing too. It's the last weekend of that and then I must put it all away. Good luck with finding wool. I was searching for a specific cotton print at Fabricland but they don't deal in specifics, only mass lots and a good amount of disorganization in the space they've crammed full. So I will go to a quilt shop next week - I fear that may be a costly trip! Stay safe this weekend!

Sarah said...

I saw that picture on another blog, it's quite beautiful.

I hopped over from Bookworm's blog. You have a nice site here.


Carol said...

Hi, just read on Attic24 that you had made your first wristwarmers so came to have a look - they are excellent.
Guess what - I just made some, they are my first crocheted items too. Sorry can't post a picture (don't have a blog)
We are all worrying and wondering where the lovely Lucy has got to, praying all is well.

Isabelle said...

Our local shop had Cadbury's Creme Eggs before Christmas. I said to the little Polish chap behind the counter, "Is it Easter already?" and he beamed and said, "No - Christmas eggs!" - which I thought was quite quick thinking in a foreign language.

Barbara said...

I have that photo too. Could b e the first time ever that this country has been completely blanketed in snow. Like you I am ready for the end but obviously it is not just yet with more snow today and more forecast for tomorrow and Monday.

Thanks for telling about Julia and Julia. I do like Meryl Streep so cannot imaginenot liking it.

Easter has come early on the tv adverts. They are saying the cadburys egg season is from 1st January until 6th April!!

Morning Glory said...

Wow, that photo is incredible!!