Saturday, January 30, 2010

More snow....

Morning all.....this is the Abominable Snowman reporting in. Yes. It is STILL SNOWING. But this is a village in the Alps where people come to ski and snowboard, so it is all good. I have just ventured out to the shops on foot, and believe me, the combination of snow covering me, gloves on and off, scarf throttling me, and bulky coat with hood complicates things when trying to pay. Not to mention the stick getting in the way too. However, I am intrepid. I am also back home and we will not starve.

The garden 2 days ago, in the snow. There will be after-after photos following. It is much deeper today.

Now this is for my British friends.....LOOK!!!! SNOWPLOUGHS!!!! 2 in line with each other whizzing up and down the road, clearing all the snow!! They pass by all day. They also take absolutely no notice of things like cars and people, but they clear the roads. There is no salting in the village, as I have said before. Just grit. And that shovel down in the bottom corner being wielded by Marge, clearing the drive. Wearing half the contents of the coat department. When I got back from my adventure to the shops this morning, I decided to try to clear the driveway again, as the snow is sort of deep around here, which makes things like getting to the door and getting the car out a trifle difficult. That was not a particularly good idea. No. But I managed to scoop a bit out of the way, and Peter has just taken the car out, so he will have squashed the rest. Good.
And this is Peter out for a walk with Naxos.
I made some hearts! I saw the link here and decided to try them. Teeny tiny baby hearts, so quick to make and really sweet. The hooky stuff goes on!
I have not done many of the intended "Celebrate" posts, but, looking back, I have been just a little distracted. I should however, have posted the greatest reason for celebration - Mum's slow but steady recovery. She is doing really well. And more reasons to celebrate life:
My wonderful sister, who never stops moving.
The beauty all around me, no matter what the weather is like.
The depths of friendship shown by great people who step up when needed.
My growing confidence with the crochet hook, and the bright and happy things I am making.
There are more, I am sure. But right at this moment, all is well, and I am warm and contented.
I love walking in the snow, you know, because it is not ice. And there is something to step on and sink into, which means I won't fall and it has "give" which is easier for me than hard pavements. Can't see the pavements (sidewalks) anyway. So I may just spend the next half hour getting into the snow gear and plod over to Marge for a coffee.
With my camera.
Of course.


Holly said...

It's so pretty!

Needled Mom said...

I know that it can be a real problem, but it is just gorgeous.

Vee said...

So pretty...very interesting to see the plows in that corner and going along two by two.

Wonderful little hearts...probably you'll be whipping up all manner of shapes and delights before many more days...butterflies come to mind...birds...

Yay for your mother coming right along. She's obviously getting wonderful care!

Great shot of your brother-in-law (?) and Naxos out for a walk. It impresses me that exercise continues despite the weather.

Barbara said...

Great photos in all these Swiss posts. I hanker to be in Switzerland when I see them.

Of course snow ploughs like that for use maybe once in a decade and only in a few parts would not be at all practical.

Glad your Mum is improving Linds.