Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sudden change.....

Ayeyaiyai, what a week this has been.

The week since last Wednesday, that is. My Mum was rushed into hospital last Thursday morning for emergency surgery, and Marge and I have aged 50 years each since then. Mother, may I add, is doing splendidly, after her major surgery. The first in her life and she is 84. She came out of hospital this morning. Marge and I need a month in a spa, or on a tropical island to recover. My hair is grey, and the wrinkles have increased overnight.

I was looking at the list of instructions the doctors in Bath gave me back in June last year, and top of the list is "avoid stress", followed by "pace yourself", and "do not be tempted to do too much, even on a good day", and " spoil yourself". There is more. I am supposed to go for another appointment to see how I am managing the above instructions next Monday. I have just cancelled that appointment. I may have displayed ominous signs of hysteria if they had asked re stress management. Straight-jackets spring to mind. I think it is quite safe to say I am failing miserably on all counts there. But when it is your family, you toss personal things to the wind, don't you. Consider mine tossed. This is my family.

And for good measure, my daughter, down there at the bottom of the world, has wrecked her knee and is being referred to a specialist. Her computer has also expired. And Glynis went into hospital yesterday for an op to correct the break in her wrist. The one she broke just before Christmas when she slipped on the ice. It has not healed correctly and needed a metal plate. So she is in pain and can't drive for another 6-8 weeks. Her sister is due to fly home next Monday.

HELLO 2010, CAN WE START OVER AGAIN???? This is not quite what I had in mind for the new year.

So all has not been paradise, sweetness and light around my little world. However, I have conquered the crochet hook, people. I am now drowning under flowers, large and small, ripples, circles, snowflakes and the like. Thank heavens. I have sat beside Mum's bed in the hospital with hook flying at the speed of light each day. Balls of wool spilling out of the bag at my feet. Manic is an apt word here. It has been a sanity saver.

I have never under-estimated the importance of my family to me. In this family, everyone feels the same way, and nothing has been more important than getting Mum fixed and back to full health. Whatever that takes. And thankfully, she is doing brilliantly. It takes time to recover from major surgery, and as she is no longer 20something, it may take a little longer in her case, but we are made of strong stuff in this family, and she will be FINE.

So, here I am. I have said so many times before that life can change in a second, and it is up to us to learn how to deal with the fallout. It is not about me, after all. And as I am in the mood for day at a time. The greatest of thanks go to those friends IRL who have kept things running for me, and sorted out all the day to day things. The support has been absolutely stunning, and it is so appreciated by us all. And for all the prayers - a huge thank you.

Just one other thing.....did I mention that the emergency surgery happened to be in Switzerland??? See - nothing this family does is simple, it seems. Planes, trains, trains, and more trains, me, stick, plod, hobble....... And snow and ice and mountains, none of which I had seen till today. Up and off early and back late. The Germlish is improving in leaps and bounds, though. Germlish is what I speak - a total mix of German and English. It works.

Iam a little tired. Well, to be honest, I am unspeakably exhausted. I need a nap. Right now, I am dealing with a German keyboard which has moved all the letters around too, and I am not in the mood. I will be back.


Vee said...

Linds, it's the most natural thing in the world to come a bit unhinged when one's mother goes down. For one thing, it seems quite beyond the realm of possibility. Mother? The one who does everything and more!

I'm so glad to know that your mother is doing fabulously. Gentle hugs to both you and your sister and do take care of each other...laugh a lot, too. I see that your wonderful sense of humor is still with you.

Oh, and gentle hugs for your friend disappointing this news must be for her and for your beautiful daughter.

Real life friends are the best...the rest of us can only pray, which we do. Yes, we do.

Butterfly Mama said...

Linds, we will be praying for you guys too. I'm glad it sounds like your mum is beginning her recovery well and I hope it continues for as speedy as it can.

Many hugs,

Needled Mom said...

No, it does not sound like 2010 has gotten off on the right foot for you. With the love and care from her family she is now on to better days ahead.

Poor Glynis. That must have been a nasty break. I do hope that she is on the road to recovery now.

Prayers go out for Diana as well. It is a good think that January is nearly over. That has always been a bad month here.

I wonder if HE had you take up the crochet hook for a reason. Perhaps he knew you would be spending some time sitting in hospital rooms!

Lori said...

Oh my! Hope your mama recoups fast! I've had issues myself, had surgery 2 months ago for pelvic flooring problems. Had my bladder tied up. Now, in two weeks I have another surgery cause I now have a rectocele. UGH! I've just recouped from the last surgery. As long as we keep hanging onto Jesus we'll all be fine.

Hope things start to settle down for you!

Jo said...

Well here I am... I have broken through the blogger's block and slowly getting around to visiting my favorite people in the world of blog. I am stressing the fact that I am "slowly getting around". That is so I don't get jet lag. Hope your mother has a speedy recovery. Bless her heart, she has done quite well to reach her age without major surgery before. That just goes to show she has led a healthy life and a good life. :o)
I would love nothing more than to be able to sit down and go back for several months and try to catch up, but I know that would never work. I did take a look at the beautiful crocheting you have been doing. I am so proud of you. I love my needles and hooks. Knitting and crocheting can help with containing sanity in many adverse situations. Hugs coming your way Linds.

Edith said...

Hugs...So sorry to hear about your Mum. Glad the surgery went well and she is recuperating. So glad the crocheting has turned out to be fairly simple to learn...and that it is helping as you spend the hours sitting in hospitals. Praying for you and your well as your friend Glynis.

Olson Family said...

My heart goes out to you and your family - glad your Mom is recovering and I pray it will be quicker than anticipated. I do think they are excellent at taking care of people in the Swiss hospitals - they don't discharge them quite as quickly and make sure rehab is sufficient(just thinking about the difference between Swiss & USA - don't know about UK hospitals). Pray that your friend and daughter are also able to get proper treatment and heal quickly. My mom is scheduled for ACL reconstruction in March and as I have a gimpy knee, I'm feeling a bit of angst over the ski season this year - doing exercises.
Pray that you and Marge can find some peace in the midst of it all. You're doing great with the German keyboard - I refuse to blog with one and when I write emails, I don't fix the multitude of mistakes - they're readable. Sort of.
Many prayers for the coming days. S

Lisa Marie said...

Oh Linds, I COMPLETELY Understand where you are coming from having our set of "surprise emergencies" with my Mom right before Christmas. Life is so interesting isn't it?
Stay strong and remember the one who is on control of ALL things



Diane@Diane's Place said...

Major surgery seems pretty extreme on your Mum's part as a scheme to get the family together. Glad to hear she's recovering well and hopefully your stress level will recover accordingly.

Oh, life....always with the curve balls, hmm?

Hope this next week is much more relaxed and less stressful for you, Linds.

Love and hugs,


Dawn said...

Wow, what a way to get to Switzerland! Was your mom there when she got sick? What an ordeal. Thankfully you are together and taking care of Mum! And Diana - she needs HER mum, doesn't she?

What a first 3 weeks of the year.

Mary said...

I suspected, by your blogging absence, that something might be up - but really! I am going for a bit of the old reading between the lines here and am giving you a mighty, enormous hug. I reckon if you shared this much on blog - it was bound to be a whole lot more - and then some.

Say hi to your mum (and Margaret). I am so pleased that the major surgery went well (or the recovery is doing well.

Take care friend. You still have to look after yourself now.

Morning Glory said...

Bless your heart! What an ordeal you've been through, but I'm so thankful your mother is mending. I hope you get to rest and recuperate a whole lot now.

Isabelle said...

So glad that she's recovering well.

Linda said...

I was a little concerned about you - now I see what has been going on. I'm so sorry Linds. We've had the same sort of thing with my Dad. Yes - life can take a very dramatic change in the blink of an eye.
I'm so glad to hear your Mum is doing well. Praying she makes a completer recovery and for your daughter's knee. I guess I'll go right ahead and add another cliche - It never rains, but it pours. Thankfully the Lord is in control. Try to get a bit of rest.

Crystal said...

I have been thinking of you all week and praying that things were under control. I'm glad to hear your Mum is recovering well. I am not glad to hear about your state but I completely understand how it happened. I wish you could go away to a spa for a month :)) And now the worry of Diana - as a mom, I'm sure you just want to go to her and fix everything. Too bad it's not that easy when they grow up. Then dear Glynis - praying for her now with the surgery. 2010 is coming at you with a bang! Do take care, Linds - I wish I could deliver the ((( HUGS ))) in person!

The Bookworm said...

Oh my goodness! Prayers coming for your Mum's continued recovery, for Diana's knee, for Glynis's arm, and for your sanity and stress levels.