Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Come back, Spring.....

The long weekend is over, and the weather is still stuck in winter mode, more's the pity. As David is not really 100% I want to stay around in case he needs me, and so I would like to pot on garden seedlings, but I would need a coat and hat and gloves, and really, that is not quite what gardening should be, now is it. The tulips will be over for the year in the next few days, but they have been so beautiful. And so tall. Some have reached above my waist height, and as I am 5ft 6", that is really tall!
The apple blossom is out and with the wind of the past few days, it is falling almost as soon as it opens up, so catching it with a blue sky on camera is not easy. The clouds are blowing across the sky at speed, and the sun comes and goes but the wind - it is icy.

But the blossom is lovely.......
Speaking of wind, I see that the air space over Ireland and the west coast of Scotland is closed again because of volcanic ash. That volcano just keeps blowing up there in Iceland, and the wind is blowing it our way. Mind you, given that the wind is coming from the north, is it any wonder I am freezing here and dressed in winter garb? (Just heard they are opeing the air space again this afternoon, but the situation "remains dynamic".)
I just hope it changes direction and disappears in time for Diana to take to the skies next Monday. She is due to arrive on tuesday, and this family can't WAIT to see her!
The lilac will be in complete bloom by then. I heard someone say that the lilac was going to be bad this year. Not here. My tree is covered with huge blossoms. I would love to have some indoors, but the rooms are not huge, and the scent is so powerful it can cause headaches, so I go outside and sniff it now and then - slightly diluted by The Wind, of course!

This has been a weekend of stark contrasts. Some of my friends have celebrated birthdays, and some have lost loved ones. Some have been busy and some have been ill. Plans change constantly, don't they. Some have had good news, and some have not had the news they expected. Life changes without warning.

But we know all about that.

6 hours later................

I got distracted. Washing in? Washing out. Washing in? Out? You get the idea. This is the new exercise plan. And when I took it out, I hovered, inspecting plants. When I brought it in, I made coffee. And spent a while browsing through the books at Amazon. Oh, I did wash the dishes, people. I did get David to eat some lunch. I may have had a chat or 2 on the phone.

And then I actually looked under this desk, and discovered my son's old school rucksack from 2005. Yes, you read it right. 2005. And it was full of "stuff" which is now in the bins, but not before I inspected some work he should have done back then. He seemed to think filling in only one of 27 pages of old exam papers was sufficient revision. His teacher disagreed. I would have disagreed too if I had known about it in 2005. So I called him downstairs and told him off while trying to keep a straight face.

A job done, and a smile and shake of the head at how long ago 2005 seems. And if I don't hit the publish button now this will sit here for another 6 hours.


Dawn said...

We have had horrid winds all night and all day today - I fear none of the beautiful blossoms will be here by the end of the day. At least it's a warm wind, but probably not tomorrow.

I can't believe your tulips are so tall! Ours are fabulous this year (picture on my latest post) - it is really true that this year's April showers brought May flowers.

Funny that you found that old bunch of school papers. Must not have kept him out of college! Good thing.

I pray that nothing keeps Diana from getting there right as scheduled. How exciting.

I met another blog friend (on my latest post) - and keep hoping that someday it's you!

Lilacs p I absolutely love them, but I can't have them inside because of allergic headaches - also lilies, sometimes tulips and daffodils. So sad.

Linda said...

Such a full day Linds. It is beginning to feel like summer here. We close all the windows in the early afternoon and turn on the a.c. The mornings are still lovely and cool.
I do envy you your lilacs. It is one of the things I miss about living up north.
How funny about David's old school papers. I wish I could have seen the look on his face.
How you must be looking forward to your daughter's visit. It will be so nice for all of you.

Becky said...

My lilacs have disappointed me this year and I'm not sure why. I hope it recovers for next spring.

Did you actually keep a straight face when "telling him off"? You deserve an award if you did. That's so funny.

Midlife Mom said...

Your flowers are just gorgeous Linds! We seem to be on the same track as far as what has blossomed so far. My lilacs aren't quite as opened as yours and the tulips have never been that tall! Wow!

So glad you are recovering from the creeping crud! It is going around here like mad and I am living with antibiotic hand wash! My son, DIL and grands all had it, then my Mom and now my Dad. I do hope I escape! I spent part of my trip to Florida laying on the tile floor in the bathroom with it in February. Sometimes there's just nothing else to be done.

Do hope Diana gets home when she is supposed to. That ash has sure made a mess of things. They tell us it's coming our way eventually. Bleck!

Sorry you are getting such cold weather! We are having rather warm temps when only last week I was wearing my ski parka on my walks! Go figure!

Take care my friend!