Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The garden is growing...

The blazing heat of the past few days has gone, and it is actually wonderful not to be dripping. It sounds so elegant, doesn't it - dripping. Sigh. I still have dreams of elegance, but if you had seen Jean and me trying to put the new compost bin in the place it had to go, and then fill it with the old compost and old growbags, you would have been convinced you had come across a chain gang hard at work in a desert. Add the dirty hands, which then wiped the sweaty face, and you get the idea. Thank heavens Diana was out searching for a suitable outfit for a friend's wedding, and not around here with her camera. But the compost bin is where it should be, and is not going anywhere.

The garden is planted for summer, except for a few more seedlings which are still in the greenhouse. I can't tell you how fast the courgettes (zucchini) are growing.....amazing. The rodent population and I are at war, and I am watching what is left of the peas like a hawk. I popped another dead fieldmouse into the bin yesterday. Hopefully I am winning the battle.

Being in the garden is just wonderful. I can do a little at a time, and the rewards are spectacular. Things grow. It is excellent therapy, you know, and I just love being out there. I read about someone who has battled with pain for years, and she said that her garden has been a life and sanity saver. I know what she is talking about. She is absolutely right.

Diana also has a vegetable patch back in NZ and she loves growing her own veg as well. And Andrew and Ann are growing their own vegetables in their garden. They add more varieties every year. It is something more and more people are doing here. There is no such thing as "too small"!! My garden is minute, but I have pots and growbags all over the place, and I manage to grow a great deal. So funny - I had a text message from a friend last night, who has just planted veg seeds for the first time, and he was SO excited when his courgettes popped through the soil. He said he felt like an expectant father, which made us all grin. I gave Peter and Glynis the seeds you see, so I am expecting regular updates.

Right. Time for another rodent patrol. I may just be a little obsessed at the moment.........


Vee said...

The only new thing we're trying and I say "we" lightly (not us, not here, but in family) is the tomato plant growing upside down. Hope that you win the war and get a plate of peas for your troubles. We are "dripping" here...in the
90s F so look out because more is on the way.

Dawn said...

I miss having fresh veggies, but I only like enough to eat at the time, not to have to "put up," as they say. I'm hoping DC plants a few tomatoes at least. I don't garden. I am glad you enjoy it so much.

Heat - we had one day, then a couple of nice sunny spring-like days. Today it is cloudy again and seems to have rained a bit overnight. The flowers have been devouring all this moisture and are very happy. Thus making me very happy to sit in my yard and enjoy their beauty. Bountiful this year! So much better than drought.

How long does Diana get to stay?

Lori said...

Ah sounds like your garden is doing great. Around here too people are gardening more and more. Can't beat those fresh picked veggies!