Thursday, May 13, 2010

I can't think of any snappy titles.......

Let me just say that having to switch the heating on in the middle of May does not thrill me at all. But last night it was below 0C and even the water in the trough froze. So on went the heating. And it is on again now.

I am ready for the sun. Warm days. More than ready.

Today has been a busy day. My doctor and I had a long chat this morning, catching up on what has been going on. She is great. And is a great listener as well. I told her that it was her duty to keep Glynis, Jean and me, or a working combination of the 3 of us, in order. We need at least one driver functioning at all times. And I asked why she couldn't wind back the clock or wave a wand and get us back to the way we were 5 years ago. For goodness sake, we didn't even mind being 50. It was what happened after that that we need to delete. She tried not to laugh and failed miserably. She also thinks that my attempts to pace myself are a disaster, but we all knew that anyway.

And then this afternoon, we all went to the funeral of a friend's Dad. It was absolutly astonishing how similar as a man he seems to have been to Geoff. Quiet, loved fixing things, (especially vacuum cleaners), didn't retire till he was 70, time at sea, loved growing vegetables, loved football. I mentioned this afterwards to my friends, and they all said that the same thing had flashed through their minds. And one of the hymns was "For those in peril on the sea", which always brings a lump to my throat.

Did you know that a great many sailors from a few decades ago refused to learn how to swim? I asked Geoff about that when he told me, and he said that if a ship goes down in the middle of the ocean, it is better to drown quickly. He said sailors had no intention of paddling about for days waiting for things with large teeth to arrive, or the remote chance of a passing ship. I suspect that is now a thing of the past. Fascinating, though. When I first met him, he couldn't swim, you see. But we had a pool, and he learnt very fast. That was then. Now I have a bucket. It is, however, easier to clean.

Diana has been having a wonderful time playing with Missy. Swings, slides, and ducks have been part of the fun. And she is now in London with her friends for a few days, so I am sure she is loving catching up with everyone. Thank heavens everyone in this family has a camera permanently attached to their bodies at all times. As my daughter-in-law said, she is a catcher and custodian of memories.

We all are in a sense. And what fun that is!


Dawn said...

Fascinating post, as usual. I love your doctor's sense of humor - and yours! When will Diana be at your house?

Isabelle said...


Vee said...

A catcher and custodian of memories... That's a great phrase.

I wonder if the 50s are as exciting for everyone...I definitely wish I could go back to 50 as far as health is concerned. Your doctor sounds like a fun gal, especially if she can laugh. I imagine you keep a lot of folks chuckling right along.

John and I were interested in the "sailors don't swim" story. Very interesting and it makes perfect sense if one is a pessimist. Ha!

Barbara said...

Iknow you are enjoying having Diane home Linds.

Interesting Alan was not a swimmer when he went to sea. He said he hoped he would never need to be!!