Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The plane arrived!

She has landed!

And as I am speaking, she will be collecting her case and heading out to meet her big brother and sister-in-law. They are fetching her and taking her back to their home for the rest of the week. She has plans with friends in London, and Louis Giglio to go and see and I will get to see her finally on Sunday, which just happens to be her brother's birthday too. And there is Missy to get to know, of course. She will be christened while her Auntie is here, and Diana is going to be one of her godmothers, so it will be extra special.

I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to know that all of my children are in the same country. See, I settle for little things, people. The same hemisphere is also good. However, I know how happy she is in NZ, and that is all that really matters. But it is lovely to know she will be home or close by for a while. And one of these days, I will need to go back to NZ to see her there too. I need a lotto ticket, I think. There is a lot of exploring to do, and adventures to be had. One day.

It is amazing, you know, I had no idea how tense I was until I got her text saying "Yay! England!" and then I relaxed. My back is knotted. And I did not sleep much, but tonight - that is a different matter. I am not a hovering type of mum at all. But I am a Mum. Enough said. I also happen to have an extremely well developed imagination, which reaches technicolour blockbuster levels at times. Like today. And I am absolutely certain that all of you who happen to be Mums too will know just what I mean. The good news for you young ones is that IT NEVER STOPS. Diana is 29 for goodness sake. It doesn't matter at all, and neither will it matter when she is 59. The small print in the "You are now a Mother" contract may have mentioned this, but I neglected to read it. It is part of the deal. It never said anything about ending at 18.

And that is just fine.

Now I just need to know she is with her brother and I will probably keel over and have a snooze. Tap tap tap. That would be the fingernails on the desk. They are probably talking too much, and have not looked at their phones. Patience, Linds, patience........


Vee said...

Wonderful that Diana is in England! No, I guess mothers never get over the anxiety, if my grandmother is any indication. Still, it.is.not.pretty. Trust me. Course if you can keep this from Diana by blogging about it, you'll have done well. ;> Don't mind my teasing. It's giving me a chuckle this morning and goodness knows, I've got my own anxieties. The test is if my back is in a knot: it is! Okay then, we'll just be two peas in the proverbial pod.

Crystal said...

Enjoy every moment of your time together!! I know exactly how you feel about them being close by, even when you know in your head that they need to live their own lives. Mel, Tyler and Samuel arrive from NYC in 7 days!!!

Dawn said...

Mothering is definitely a forever job! I can't wait to hear of your adventures together - and to see pictures of the christening!

We had our wonderful week-end with the Cambodian family - what a blessing.