Thursday, May 06, 2010

Election Day in the UK......

Well, I have been to vote. I am not sure where the rest of the electorate was or is, but they most certainly were not lining up to cast their vote this morning. David and I were the only ones in the hall. But I have done my civic duty, and tomorrow will bring the results.

This election has been marked in this village by the singular lack of any visible canvassers or candidates. At the most, we have received a flyer or 2. And when I received my ballot paper, I was surprised to see how many candidates there were. At the very least, there should have been a few callers at the door. But no. Not a soul.

Facebook is really into the whole polling day thing - when you log on, the first thing you see is the reminder to vote, with a little box to click on when you have done so. Interesting.

Ironically, this is the first election where the social media mega-engine has been harnassed by all parties, but it has been specifically highlighting the leaders and their parties in general. A lot of focus on personality, but a common avoidance of the tough issues. And yet it is as if this particular farflung little outpost of our constituency is irrelevant. The constituency boundaries were changed after the last election, and instead of belonging to the nearest town 2 miles away as we have done for decades, we have been bundled into a town about 20 miles away. Ridiculous. And their candidates never bothered to visit.

They are extremely lucky we bothered to vote at all.

Oh well, we will know the results tomorrow.

Meranwhile, back at the "ranch"......

The extended family of that fieldmouse seem to be moving into my garden. I saw 2 this morning. I need a cat. I put down another tray of mouse dispatcher, and am happy to report that 35mins later, it was empty. I could be right re the family bit. A large extended family. This could explain the absence of any pea seedlings too, seeing that they have already polished off the sweetpeas. My replanted sweetpea basket is currently residing at Jean's place, where it can stay until the seedlings are big enough to thwart the fieldmice, or I have managed to execute the lot of them, or the cat has moved in.

David was supposed to be going back to uni today, but announced this morning that he is not feeling 100%, so that has been postponed, just as I loaded the bedlinen into the washing machine. His bags are piled up in the lounge, and he is ensconced on the couch. Plans, remember - plans are a waste of time! Stuff happens.


Needled Mom said...

At least you have done your civic duty! It is amazing how few people show up to vote and yet complain the loudest when things do not go their way.

Sorry about the fieldmice family. We use the Zapper around here. They are awesome because they electrocute the little buggers and all you have to do is dump them touching anything gross!!! We also have a cat that does a decent job with the rabbits. I think the rodents are too small to be bothered with for him.

Crystal said...

Your election is getting lots of coverage over here too. The public broadcasting station has their news anchor over in Europe this week. He was covering the anniversary of Canadians liberating Holland in WWII and is now in England. Along with the gloom and doom of the Greek economy, the English one is also hot news. The whole campaign process and mud-slinging doesn't appeal to me at all. I'm glad you voted - it's the right thing to do.

I hope you win the mouse battle! And that you still have lovely sweetpeas. I'm sewing Mother's Day makeup bags out of sweetpea fabric today :)) And the snowflakes / raindrops are trying to fall again. Please enjoy the tulips and lilacs for me too!

Dawn said...

I hope David feels 100% again soon - you're right about plans - no use whatsoever!

Sorry the mice are having such a "field day" in your garden - yes, maybe you need a cat.

I hope your newly elected officials are better than ours.

Janine said...

Sounds like the election did not go smoothly! I have been keeping half an eye on the bbc website for updates. Hope that you (Britain) get things sorted out soon.