Sunday, May 09, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

I have no idea where the days go, you know. Actually, I suspect that making best use of each 24 hour period is not one of my strong suits at the moment, but they disappear way too fast.
  • The election came and went, and as you probably know, we have a "hung parliament". No clear winner with an outright majority. So there is much speculation re the talks of coalition/compromise etc going on. And talk of another possible election later in the year. Seems simple to me - the electorate clearly demonstrated that they think all parties are as bad as each other, and could we move swiftly on to GROWN UP politics now, and exactly that - compromise. Or even better, sit down and discuss how best to get the country out of the mess it is in TOGETHER. And pigs may yet fly.
  • The volcanic ash cloud is back. And threatens to disrupt UK air travel. Could it please go somewhere else until after Tuesday afternoon when Diana flies in???? I do not fancy having to muster a rescue mission to Siberia or the like.
  • David is back at uni, and discovered new life forms growing in the fridge when he got to his house. His housemates neglected to empty the fridge when they left after he came home. He was less than enchanted at having to clean out the mess, and even less thrilled to find out that they had not put out the rubbish for collection either.
  • It has been like winter around here. But today the sun is actually out and I managed to open the greenhouses for a while. Everything is late this year. The seedlings need sun. So do I.
  • Did I happen to mention that Diana will be here soon???
  • Missy is growing like a weed. And she runs, dances, loves being outdoors, and is trying to talk.
  • I think I am going to go and invent some cinnamon buns with what I have in the cupboard now. I need cake.
  • Happy Mothers' Day to all my friends celebrating today!
  • There is a massive bumble bee in my house.
  • That is all.


Needled Mom said...

Ah yes....politics and the joys of it all!!!! With no clear answer yet, it must be terribly frustrating. We have been watching to see what will happen over there.

I know you will have a marvelous time with Diana home. You list of "to dos" must be long.

Poor David! YUCK!!!! I would not be thrilled either.

Vee said...

So glad that Diana is coming in...she'll be that sun you've been needing.

Janine said...

Just heard that Gordon Brown is stepping down. Looks like more fun and games coming your way!
Enjoy have Diana home.