Sunday, May 02, 2010

A weekend to forget...

Hello world, I am back.

I think I am. The house is a tip, but thankfully the mountain of washing is done, and that revolting "someone has been sick in the house" odour is gone, thanks to a surfeit of Dettol antiseptic cleaner, and my scrubbing. And I actually managed to cook something, though eating it was a little too far to venture for today. But I looked at the chicken, and didn't have to run a mile. Progress, see. And I am eternally grateful that Monday, tomorrow, is a public holiday. So if I want to crawl out of bed at 11am like I did this morning, I can. And I may stay in bed longer if I feel like it, because I CAN.

Mind you, spring has disappeared, and the temperature is back to 8 degrees C and very un-spring-like. Indoors is good. This is not the weather for gardening. And any walk would have to be brisk, and we don't do "brisk" any more.

So I have little to talk about as a consequence. My brain got left behind on Friday. Maybe by tomorrow it will have caught up. I will think of something. I may even make notes this evening as I retire to the couch with the remote control.


Needled Mom said...

Welcome back to the land of the living.

Edith said...

Welcome back...sorry you had the stomach bug. Enjoy your holiday.

Dawn said...

So glad you're better - hope David is by now too!!

Sorry the yucky weather is back again - we had a nice day today, and we'll have one again tomorrow, maybe. Then the bad stuff returns. Tiresome!