Thursday, June 24, 2010

Amazing tennis.....

I don't know if you follow tennis, or are watching Wimbledon at all, but there is an epic match going on. As I am writing, I am watching, and right now it is 63-63 in the final set. Every record in the book has been broken. The previous longest match in tennis history was way shorter than this final set, can you believe. And the number of aces? New records. I suspect that the rules will change after this. It will never happen again. But what incredible athletes these tennis players are. Their staying power, and strength is totally unbelievable.


Diana is flicking back and forth on the tv watching NZ play in the World Cup too, and I think is speaking to her friends back home at the same time on her laptop.

And the Queen is at Wimbledon for the first time in 33 years. She probably doesn't like tennis much, or I am sure she would have been back before now. But there is great excitement. I believe that Serena Williams practiced her curtsey for 48 hours. And she managed very well, as did just about everyone.

So, the sun continues to shine, and this - the sun, roses, strawberries, tennis....... THIS is what people think of when they visualise England in the summer. If we can just keep it going for a little longer than the 2 weeks of Wimbeldon, that would be wonderful.


I dug up some more potatoes this morning. For dinner. I have planted Charlotte potatoes in pots for 2 years now. The ideal way to grow potatoes. Just stop watering the pot for a day or 2 to dry out the soil and then upend it, and sort out the potatoes, and toss the leaves etc in the bin, and the soil in the composter, and there you have it. No sticking forks into potatoes. Or worms. They are delicious.


I also picked my first beans of the season today. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to pop into the garden and gather food for the meal, and be eating it within minutes. I seem to have the world's largest supply of lettuce too. I rather over did the planting of seeds, but we are munching our way through it. The only trouble is that it keeps growing.


And the wool I ordered after reading about it at Attic 24 arrived this morning, and it was SO exciting to see all the bright colours. I have no idea what I will make but it will be A Project. When I gather the brain cells and think about it. But for now, I can stroke it and grin, can't I.

I should be adding photos. I should actually TAKE some photos. But I am here and the camera is somewhere else. Can't think where, and it is too much effort. Later.


It keeps going on...............


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Oh, how I wish I had planted fresh vegetables this summer! A few herbs and some flowers and that was it! We have so many trees that it is difficult to find a spot where anything will grow!
Your post yesterday really touched me! Praying for you--for peace and comfort and perseverance. V.

Vee said...

Wonderful description of that match... You make me want to watch, too. I sometimes watch tennis, but that was back in the days when I could pull a station.

Yes, funny you should mention that all those things do equal England for me. But I love you all no matter if you can't keep it up all year long. Such troubles to be dealt with and everyone's opinion different. Makes my head ache.

Enjoy that garden fresh food. You well deserve it after all your efforts.

Dawn said...

We have the same problem - too much shade to grow veggies or roses or petunias, or such sun-lovers. I say "problem", but on the other hand, I love our very shady yard.

I'm not into tennis at all, but it sounds like terrific excitement for you who do!

Anonymous said...

I love this time of year with all the fruit and veg ready to pick, store freeze and make into jam.
Have just come home from hospital, where I recieved a hip replacement, no bending or twisting, so no harvesting either. While I'm pleased to be pain free, I long to get out in the garden myself, instead of waiting for others to do the work for me. Our lovely warm weather means everything needs watering and again I'm reliant on others.