Friday, June 18, 2010

Road trip.......

Morning all.

We hit the road last week. And again yesterday, and now we are home. I can't begin to calculate how many miles or kilometres we have covered, but it was lots. And yes, going out to the car to check would be the way to do it, but my legs are finished with walking for now. Lots. I am very thankful indeed that my daughter loves driving. It is a long way.

The weather has been beyond revolting. It has been like living in the middle of a cloud, but that didn't completely ruin things. There were the special people there, of course, and the weather ceases to matter then. Where? The mountains, of course. Time with Marge, and time in the garden in the cloud. The cloud means misty rain so the hair is a disaster. It rose by the day until it stuck out in all directions. But it is just as well that we know the place well, because a visitor might be forgiven for assuming there were NO mountains at all. You couldn't see them until the last night at 10pm.

On the way home, we collected David from uni too, and then we all stopped at Andrew's home to return his tomtom. (I need one. Delightful little thing, but unfortunately refused to believe we were in Dover and not in France last night, and wanted us to catch a ferry. We switched it off and did it the old fashioned way.) So we got home around 11pm, and all crashed into bed. The house is full again, and it is great. Mum is relaxing with her puzzle books, David and Diana are relaxing with their laptops, and I have been inspecting the garden. That is relaxing for me, anyway. It has grown so much in a week, it is unbelievable.

Missy is being christened on Sunday, so we will all be there to celebrate. I sense a really excellent photo opportunity, with my family in one place for a brief moment. Except for Marge and Peter, and I wish they could have been here too. Sigh.

Tomorrow is the village carnival - yes, the year has gone by rapidly, and here we are again. I am so sorry I missed the"Big Sing" last night - 500 people and our music society and band singing show tunes. Apparently there was dancing in the aisles and everyone had an amazing time. We were zapping through peages in France in a car which was packed to the roof. I can't work out HOW we managed to get David and all his gear in as well. It must have been a miracle. But we did.

Right. I am back. I need to go into the garden again. I will be back later. I may even find some photos on the camera.


Vee said...

Ahhh, you're living a whirlwind life! I was so surprised when you told me hello from Switzerland. I didn't even know that you were striking off and then to have the weather be so uncooperative. I always think when that happens that God must've meant for the trip to be most about the people on it. And your mum is with you? Well goodness, the whole family gathered or very nearly. What a lovely day Sunday coming with or without good weather, but I'll pray for sun for you all.

Dawn said...

So I was picturing you in your garden in a cloud, but here you were literally high enough to be in the clouds! Glad you had a good time anyway, and that you are home safely. We went to Jackson Hole in the Tetons one Father's Day week-end and might have just as well been in Kansas - we finally saw the peaks as we headed out the last day and looked back. Sad. And we haven't been back there. At least we have mountains outside our windows.

Have a wonderful time this week-end, and take care of yourself!!

I had my 4th Bloggiversary this week!

Linda said...

It really sounds like fun despite the uncooperative weather Linds.
Enjoy this special time with your family.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it was a really fun time. It is delightful to have the family around to share such great memories.

I can't wait to see all the wonderful christening photos. It will be a most special event.

Janine said...

Welcome back - I did wonder where you were! Enjoy having the family together.

Fran Hill said...

All sounds great, even with the mist.