Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A beautiful day......

The sun is shining, and it feels as if summer has really arrived. Today. Diana bought strawberries (with Wimbeldon on, it is almost law that you need strawberries and cream!) and the doors and windows are wide open. I love it. Just great.

Mum wanted to go to Waitrose early this morning, so we poddled off there, and then I went to watch the twins at their sports day, and managed to get there in time to see one come third in a race and one win by a country mile in the next. Perfect. There are photos for their Mum and Dad to see - they were both at work so someone needed to take photos and cheer, of course. That would be me. But the sun - the kids were all sitting in the shade, but the parents had the blazing heat to contend with, which was not ideal. I felt like having a nap after 15 minutes.

Diana is off having her eyes tested, and choosing new glasses. Mum is resting and David, who was out at dawn for a walk/run, is prostrate on his bed with his computer at hand. Situation normal around here.

I have nothing exciting to report. These sort of days are wonderful. Life just "is". It is on days like this that I tend to wonder why life seems so fraught with tensions and hurry. Sure, I know there is stuff like work to be done. However, when life slows down a little - enough for us to really enjoy the moments, just like I am right this minute, it is a reminder of what is more important. And I think moments of contentment are right up there near the top of my list.

In 30 minutes, the axe will fall when the interim budget is announced. We have had enough warning that it is going to be monstrous. And will hurt everyone. Even though the irresponsible bankers caused the problem, every man woman and child in the country is having to pay the price to fix things.

So these special moments......... I am going to go and sit in my garden and enjoy them for now.


Needled Mom said...

Enjoy the contentment while it lasts. It sounds delightful.

Vee said...

There certainly are a lot of concerns that we could reflect upon ad nauseum, but in the end, what good does that do? Reflect long enough to pray and then go on as you are doing and enjoy this lovely day now coming to evening. Will Diana allow a pic of her new glasses? (I'll be sharing John's new ones when they come in. Can't wait!)

Fran said...

Even just reading your post made me feel restful! That's called vicarious living indeed, because my day was hot and busy. I fell asleep as soon as I got home while watching Murray play. (Sorry, Andy. You weren't boring. I was just tired!)

Dawn said...

It's been far from an easy going day for me - those little twins really keep me hopping! And it was HOT for the first time. The watermelon tasted wonderful.

Linda said...

I have come to cherish those days when there is no need to rush from one thing to the next too Linds. I am trying to make myself slow down and savor the moments.
I think we will soon be experiencing what you are. The whole world seems to be spinning a little off kilter these days. I am so thankful for the firm foundation we have.