Monday, June 21, 2010

The weekend........

I simply cannot bring myself to watch the tennis. Roger is not having a good day, and it is day one of Wimbeldon. Groan. The sun is, however, actually shining!

The weekend zapped by rapidly. The carnival was much like any other year, and I managed a circuit round the Rec before investing in a box of beautiful cup cakes, saying hello to Glynis and Sue who were manning the labyrinth, and then I came home, leaving my daughter and her old school friend to re-live days of their youth. I do remember purple outfits when they dressed up as roller waitresses (aged 10) and took part in the procession, clutching trays of drinks (Jelly set in plastic glasses). You had to be there. I wonder where those photos are........ It was COLD on the Rec. And I needed to come home and get warm.

On Saturday night, we all went to Glynis and Peter's place for a BBQ. Well, Peter did the bbq-ing, while we sat inside in the conservatory where it was more tropical than arctic. That was a lovely evening. Lots of laughter with the girls around.

And yesterday was Missy's christening, so we set off for London at 8.30. The wind as we walked from Andrew and Ann's home to the church was really icy, so that precluded plans to sit in the garden for lunch.

The service was lovely, and Missy took to being up in front, centre stage, like an old pro. She managed a little dance before her Mum picked her up to hand to the minister, who managed the fastest christening on record. The actual name and "baptise you in the name" etc part. Missy took one look at him, and screeched and wriggled, and generally was not going to co-operate, so he sped through that part at the speed of light and handed her back in relief. The congregation howled with laughter. Then came the part where a senior member of the congregation introduced her to the people in church. Cue more bellows and wriggles. He sprinted up and down that aisle in an Olympian fashion, and then handed her back to her mother. They all know her well at church, and she is a real favourite there, with her (usually) sunny grin.

Home for a wonderful lunch. Ann's Mum, Ginny ( who used to be known here as Granny2B2 - now she can be Granny2!) had prepared a feast fit for royalty. I have never seen so much food. Absolutely wonderful. And the pudding (dessert) display was unbelievable. It was a triumph and will go down in the annals of family history as a real feast. We all made a valiant effort to put a dent in it. The hips will pay the price for months, of course. After a shy start, Missy warmed up and was running round with her pushchair and bear, entertaining us all.

She is so loved, and is one very lucky little girl. I loved seeing her with her whole family - especially her Granny and Granddad who absolutely adore her. She had a wonderful time when she discovered her Auntie's iPod touch and realised she could make the photos move. The look on her face was priceless. Talk about excitement! Diana is also one of her godmothers. really special.

Home again, and time to water the garden and flop. After a long day. There has not been much time for flopping in recent weeks. Maybe I should pencil that in to the plans for the day/week. And loads and loads of photos. I had to email mine straight to Marge in Switzerland so she could share in the day too. I wish she could have been here too.

Right. I need to see how Roger is doing. (NOT GOOD)


Vee said...

Oh dear. Hadn't yet heard that Roger isn't doing so great. What does that say for the state of my receiving news? Now that can't be good.

Glad to know that Missy's day went like most other christenings I've attended. I mean, it would be awful to read that she was a perfect angel and smiled demurely at the minister and the elder and generally endured all the pomp without complaint. Is there such a child? ;>

I, too, enjoy seeing my grands with their maternal grandparents. They have a very special connection that is endearing.

Now hope that you can watch Wimbledon and enjoy it. If things are not going well, just peek, then cover your head again.

Dawn said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with family - she sounds like a very typical child when it comes to that sort of thing!

I do hope you'll take it easy this week, dear friend. I have a friend here in church who has so many painful problems and she is having to change her lifestyle - I was telling her about you. You both have the same issues with overdoing it!!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a positively wonderful weekend. What fun it must have been to see the rushing of the proceedings to appease Missy.

Hope that you can sit on the couch and enjoy some tennis. You deserve the break!

Fran Hill said...

Roger made it. Just.

Meggie said...

I suspect that child knows more tha she is telling!
Hugs to allXXXXXXXX