Wednesday, June 30, 2010

End of June already.....

Half of the year is GONE. Hard to believe, isn't it? And in 3 weeks my daughter will be flying back to NZ, via Vancouver for a few days. But there is still 3 weeks of her visit to enjoy, and she is off to see her friends dotted around the land next week. I think. Or is the week after? Hmmm. The memory is not operating at full speed at the moment, it is clear to see.

This has been a looooong week. Monday brought a school related letter which nearly gave me a heart attack, then, after tracking down a truly amazingly professional person on the other end of the line, provided many answers to mysteries re tax audits. You do not want to know. Their mistake. Simple answers, which, bless the woman, she is sorting with the Tax Man for me. Finally. I can't tell you thankful I am. The brain was totally fried, but hopefully it is on the way to being sorted. Little things like the minus sign. It was changed into a plus sign by mistake. BIG problem.

But that has been rumbling on for the past year in the background. There have been many sleepless nights.

You know, remember when I started that job and I said that I just knew at the interview that it was the wrong place for me? Well, if I think back over the past 2 years, there is absolutely NO doubt it was the wrong place. It has been the source of a massive amount of stress for one reason or another, even overlooking the fact that I actually injured myself doing my job in the first place.

But that is ancient history and hopefully soon all of it will be just that - history. I can't wait.

So the sun continues to shine round here, and the garden continues to grow. I am trying to spend as much time out there as I can - the lilies and roses will soon be in bloom too, judging from the buds everywhere. My roses are great, because they all bloom at different times, so there is always colour and magical scent in the air.

Lettuce, potatoes, courgettes, spinach, french beans and yellow beans..... all ready to eat and delicious too. Peas finally growing in pots in the greenhouse away from random wildlife. The first tomatoes on the vines...... I love summer and seeing seeds grow into huge plants. And fresh herbs in the salads picked just before they are eaten. Sigh. Wonderful.

I must take some photos.


Needled Mom said...

I am glad that you were able to sort the school thing out. Yikes!

The garden sounds wonderful and we will await the pictures.

Enjoy the remainder of Diana's visit.

Vee said...

Yes. Photos would be lovely when you get a chance. Otherwise, I'll use my imagination and just sit with you a spell and chat and linger with the wonderful smells in your garden.

Isn't it awful how often we ignore the Holy Spirit to our detriment? Yikes. I will be so glad when all the issues, they sound nasty, are a thing of the past. (Believe me, I have my own list of ignoring the Holy Spirit to my peril.)

Crystal said...

My Midnight Blue rose is covered with buds - it's like a gift every day! Enjoy every moment of Diana's days with you. Lots of pictures would be good and my garden is so slow. Frost at the beginning of June and cool nights are not helping anything. I shall live vicariously through you :))