Saturday, June 05, 2010

Life in a village gets quite exciting.....

Where was I ----- cremated food and beeping. Right.

So................ after I had cleaned the bbq, and was about to come and watch the sporadically appearing picture on the tv (the silver birch over the road blocks the satellite) I decided to do a last patrol of the garden. And I cornered a mouse. A little one. Well, let me tell you, I was barefoot, and there was no way that thing was going to race over my toes, so I slapped a flower pot down at the speed of light. I didn't think I would catch it, but hallelujah, I did. I CAUGHT A MOUSE.

I looked at the pot and it had holes in the bottom (now the top) and I know mice get through impossibly small holes. So I covered it with another pot. And then put a heavy bottle of tomato food on top of that. And came inside at speed and locked the door. And there it will stay, because I am not moving that pot till I know it is sprouting wings somewhere in rodent heaven.

I woke up really early this morning, which is just as well, because at 6.55am all the power went off, and all the house alarms started screeching. The poor man over the road eventually ripped the wires out of his alarm because nothing would stop the noise. And I sympathised, especially after my beeping of yesterday. No power meant no coffee, and so I joined what appeared to be a procession of cars from our area to Tesco at 7.30am, just so I could have some coffee.

Back to the mouse. I came back home, and ventured out into the garden to check that the pots were still in place (they are) and found another mouse floating in a bucket of water. My neighbour has started calling me the terminator. That makes 6 of the little pests dispatched so far.

However, the mouse in the water can stay there until an unsuspecting friend pops in to visit, who I will beg/bribe/plead with to remove it/them. I am on a roll, people.

And it is another glorious day today, people are smiling, and the garden is growing.


Needled Mom said... are the master mousecatcher. How long do you think it will take the one in the pot to sprout wings??? Beastly thought!!!!

Ugh....I hate when the power goes out, but to have an accompaning alarm screaming at you is beyond sanity. At least there was a place to get some fresh coffee and yes, thank heavens you were already awake.

May you day finish better than it has started!

Dawn said...

What a crazy day! My friend who's visiting from Kansas City this week-end told us about the day that it was really really stormy and she was afraid the power was going to go off. So she took the coffee left over from the day before and microwaved 4 cups worth and put them in thermoses. I think I'm glad I am not addicted to coffee!

Hope the day got better!

Becky said...

You could probably write a book about how to trap and/or exterminate mice. You're becoming quite a pro.

Fran said...

I think the mouse and the power cut are definitely linked. People underestimate mice.

Vee said...

Two mice in one day? Impressive. I'm wondering how long before the potted one is no more. As for the one in the bucket...pour him into a watery grave. I'm sure he'll be no trouble. You're giving me ideas for a post I must say.

prashant said...

I hate when the power goes out
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