Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday morning......

The moon last night was spectacular. It lit the whole garden, and for a few brief moments, the wind stopped, and I walked out there, and it was so calm and blue/grey and beautiful. Did I take a photo? No. Sigh. NOW I think of it.

Today the wind is back and it is after 1pm, and the temp is 9C. Not tropical. What a change from a day or two ago.

My wedding dress is now hanging from the rafters in the kitchen. Still drying. Needled Mom has suggested something to remove the coffee stain, so after my visitors have gone, I will try it. And I will retrieve the cradle from under the piano and finish that too. It is going to be hard enough to explain the wedding dress to my friends (who happened to actually be at the wedding. ) The cradle may have been pushing it a little.

I followed Vee's instructions and exported the blog to my computer. Tick that box. I don't know how to do the photos though. Maybe I must just make time, and pop the lot into Blurb or some such place and make the books I keep thinking I should make. But never get round to doing anything about it. There is a pattern emerging here, isn't there. I need to follow through. Finish things. Do what I need to do. Sigh. I am full of great intentions.

The aerial man has yet to show up.

This could be the day when I pop in and out and post about different things. My mind is all over the place. The blanket is finished though! (Photos later)


Crystal said...

Thanks for inspiring me to download and save my blog! But the pictures didn't go??? I keep wanting to print books too - please let me know what and how you decide to proceed on that. I have visions of it taking alot of time and great patience.

I was taking pictures of the moon last night too! Can we please see a picture of your wedding dress? I know - mine doesn't fit either :(

Our bumper silage crop is indeed good but the reason we have such a great crop is because of the more than 30" of rain we have received since May 1st. That amount of rain is one growing season is unheard of, especially since we have been in a 10 year cycle of drought in this part of the world. The rain just keeps coming and so operations are often interrupted or never really started even. My dad and brothers have 4000 acres of grain to combine and they have not turned a wheel. Usually they would be more than have done. All part of that weather patterns change that the whole world is experiencing. And the warmth has not been here at all this summer.

Good luck finishing projects today. I'm off to pay the vehicle insurance which I completely forgot! Thank goodness for phone calls before they cancel policies.

Laurie in Ca. said...

Love this and love you Linds:) Today I am going to try and finish a lot of half done things around here too. There are so many and I have been getting distracted too. I am a pack rat and my grandson loves it. The weather has been all over the place here too but it's all good:) Have a wonderful weekend and hope your back is on the mend too.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Becky said...

The moon was blindingly brilliant here, too. So lovely.

The picture books: I've made several now and am just finishing one from all my summer photos. It's very time-consuming, but I work on it in little blocks of time, so it's always fun. I've tried three different programs so far and the one I like best of those is called Picaboo. It's a free download and gives soooo much creative freedom to the pages. I'm loving it. I'm going to explore Shutterfly also and see what it's about.

Fran said...

I like days when you get lots of little things done. Enjoy.

Linda said...

Can you believe it Linds - we had the same moon ! ;-)
I did attempt a few pictures but they are a poor imitation of the real thing. It was magnificent.

Dawn said...

I can remember when Kev was in Africa and I'd look at the full moon and realize the same moon was being seen by him. Such a comforting feeling. The twins love the moon - especially since reading "Good Night, Moon." It has been gorgeous.