Sunday, September 05, 2010

A futile attempt to get things done.....

I have just given myself a sauna. Ironing a two-seater sofa cover and the 4 associated cushion covers. Damp. To get out the creases. You have no idea. I was dripping, and had to resort to opening the front door for the wind to blow through like a hurricane, and I draped a clean dish towel over my face to mop it. Isabelle, I have cream couch covers, but they are washable. And easy to clean. And there are many throws around to spread over the couches if dogs or other animals visit!

For those of you who think changing the house for the 4 seasons is strange, let me tell you that making or hunting for cheap cushion covers is simple, and with Mum crocheting up a storm and making blankets to order for the arms of the chairs, and then searching for seasonal touches in thrift stores or charity shops and mega sales at the end of seasons, everything just falls into place. I have boxes of my spring things, Christmas things, and summer things sorted. So out comes the box, and all the current seasons things go into it. You only need 3. Summer is now in the autumn box. Having a neutral colour scheme does make it possible, I admit!

I like changing things around. I like having seasonal things out. It is all about enjoying the moment, and celebrating it too. There has been a debate in recent days about the fact that there are too few public holidays in England. Apparently we have just 8. And there is nothing between the August Bank Holiday and Christmas. That is what sparked the debate. Personally, I think we should have a universal Thanksgiving Day in November too. It would be a reminder that no matter where you live, there is always something, and usually a multitude of things to be thankful for. In the run up to Christmas, I think that it is even more important to stop and take note of those things.

I am in headless chicken mode. You know how you get something out of a cupboard, and then take it to where you need it, and forget the unpacked cupboard till you need to go to the bathroom, and see it all? Then start ironing, but remember the stove is on, so go and switch the stove off and see the rubbish needs taking out, and then stop to weed a pot, then switch on the kettle, remember the ironing, do that for a few minutes, and then see some books which need to be taken to the charity shop, so unplug the iron, and go and pack the books, remember you forgot to eat the lunch you were cooking, then find the cup of coffee you lost this morning, take it to the kitchen, see the washing up needs doing, and then remember you never finished the cupboard, ironing, book sorting, weeding........ Yes. That kind of headless chicken. And now the day is drawing to a close and I can't say I have finished one single thing I started. Sigh.

I did go out for tea to the garden centre. That was great. I re-entered the world! And that was my Sunday. I hope you have all had fun this weekend!


Vee said...

Yes, we've had some great fun, if one can call getting her keister stuck on a child's slide fun. Ha!

Thanksgiving seems a very good choice for your ninth holiday. I recommend that all of Britain take my opinion on this and place it early in November and not at the end the way we have. October is too early, really, as baking a turkey and all the fixings in October (Canadian Thanksgiving) is often too hot and miserable. So that's my two cents for this day.

And I'm glad that you have the energy for the seasonal decorating. I wish that I did.

Dawn said...

You made me laugh! Yes, I do that. Usually I find my cup in the microwave hours later!