Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainbow life......

It is a grey day and my head hurts my leg hurts and I am In A Mood. I have no idea why. So, forget I said that and I will write a happy post re rainbows and smiley faces instead.

Isn't that exactly what we all do? It is rare that we let the foulness that overwhelms us occasionally out here in the blogging world. Generally it is not what we came here for in the first place, is it. But sometimes real life intrudes on the rainbow world.

I am reminded when I read all your words, that there is another whole world, or story, behind them, you know. A world where tears of sadness, despair, frustration or rage fall now and then, and yet we never talk about those days.

I don't. I won't. I can't.

And then I read another bit of Pete Wilson's Plan B last night. The chapter where he talks about the fact that if we don't share the bad stuff, it is all unreal. How can we help or be helped if we don't know? Sigh. And then I tossed and turned and tossed some more, and this morning I tossed the thought in the Too Hard Basket for now.

If you have read the book, tell me your thoughts.
So back to happy smiley faces once again.

I have had a wonderful weekend - out with Linds and Geoff on Friday night. A slowish Saturday which involved 3 hours of Extreme Makeover Home Edition on TV, and then Sunday started with a hilarious hour skyping with a gathering of old school friends now living in Australia, friends round for lunch, followed by the rest of the day dozing on the couch. You have no idea how exhausted I was, or how much the leg ached.

Back to rainbows..........
It is cold. It is wet. But my dahlias and cosmos and hollyhocks are still blooming merrily outside the window. And very little is turning red or gold or brown. I have just been to look. Leaves and dropping off ,and spaces are appearing where there once was greenery, but that is the way of things.

Oops. I forgot the porridge I made for breakfast in the microwave....... I tried reheating it and I do believe it now has the consistency of cement.

I ate it. IF I keel over and expire, tell them it was the cement.

I gave up on the words part of this post. Here is the cradle pre-painting......

And post-painting. Well, after the first coat. A huge difference. Note how it was competing for counter space with the apple cakes.....

And here is the dangling wedding dress, complete with coffee stains. Attempting to remove the stain is on the list for this week. Do you see how lovely the train is?

Ah well. I am writing this while on hold for some govt agency and am losing the will to live. I will be back.


Chris said...

Sunshine, lollypops and rainbows, eh? You live in MY world!

Yes, we could very well have Skyped in the early morning hours, however due to the fact that I couldn't remember what I'd written this morning there's no telling what would have come out of my mouth.

Better living through pharmacology, you know. :)

Lisa Marie said...

That cradle is so sweet and will look awesome with its new coat of paint! And the dress is lovely! Beautiful lace and the train is very pretty!
Have a great day Linds!

zzop357 said...

Real friends love you when it's raining as well as when the sun is shining. Sharing the good and the bad, spreads happiness and eases the pain.

Becky said...

Ooooh, the wedding dress is so lovely. It's the same style as mine with the lace, pointed sleeves, empire waistline and train as part of the body of the dress. Sadly, I can't fit into mine anymore.

Missy is going to adore that cradle.

Crystal said...

The wedding dress is just beautiful! Mine didn't have a train and I've always loved those that do. I hope you can remove the coffee stain. Here I would suggest Avon bubble bath - it's marvelous in the laundry for stain removal. I don't know if you have Avon products in the UK.

The cakes look delicious - fall has such delicious flavours, doesn't it? And the cradle is so sweet with the little roof. I've never seen one like it. Missy will adore it!

You know on the days that I am out of sorts, big time, I am drawn back to the 1000 Gratitudes on described and shared on Ann's site. Since I have started that project, my attitude has had a major adjustment. Inside all of my woes, His grace is still mine and His abundance fills my days. Of course I forget and regress but I am always drawn back, after the heat of the moment. I choose to live in positive and optimistic ways. Does that seem too Pollyanna-ish?

Midlife Mom said...

Oh Linds, you sound so defeated and sad and it makes me sad and wish I could hop over and do something to help you. I hope that just knowing that we all care about you helps in some small way and I wish I could take the pain from you even for a day to give you some relief!!!!!

The cradle is adorable and looks so nice with the new paint. Are you going to paint or draw any flowers or anything on it?

The wedding dress is gorgeous! Mine was $40 on the sale rack but it served the purpose and still hangs in my FIL's cedar closet along with my prom dresses. They seem to have shrunk over the years though......I wonder what would do that??????? xoxoxox

Dawn said...

The dress is gorgeous - let's see a picture of you in it!!

I am sorry you are having such a hard time right now. I actually shared that I was struggling with a new crisis a couple of weeks ago. But of course, I didn't feel I could tell the details out there in cyberspace. I wish I could talk to everyone in person and we could all share what we're going through!

The apple cake looks wonderful and it must smell divine!

We're heading for Maine next week-end and hoping to see glorious colors.

Lucy said...

What a beautiful dress, mine was very plain. The following was 1 verse of something I wrote when my husband asked why I had kept mine for 35 years.

A dress in the wardrobe, thats been there for years
Time has faded its glory, its no longer your size.
The veil is now dingy, and the flowers have all died.
Time has passed oh so quickly, just where has it gone?
One day a new baby, the next a young man.
Just why do you keep it, jusr what is the point?
It hangs there to remind you, of that day in the past