Friday, September 03, 2010

Time to be at home.....

When you nod off in front of the computer, you know you need a nap. A real one. I am tired, people. Tired. But then it has been a busy time round the Casa de la Rocking Chair.

I can't believe it is not even 2 weeks since we got back from the mountains. David is now back at university and I have had more play time with Missy, who is hysterically funny. What a great age this is - nearly 19 months. Such fun. I looked after her on Wednesday, and we went to the park and the swings and slide, and then she fell asleep in her buggy, so that was good. Once she woke, we played in the garden. This involved decorating the entire patio with chalk drawings. Oh I do love being a Granny! I can leave the mess. She wanted to race dolly's pram with the walker. I think not. Lying on the grass drawing on the patio was much more my style. And she thought it was perfect, so all was good.

And then I came home. The only reason I actually came home was to go to my hair appointment. I was beginning to closely resemble a shaggy dog, and Something Needed To Be Done. So yesterday, I presented myself at the salon and am now a New Person. Thank heavens.

Today has been busy in the nicest of ways. Isn't the start of Autumn great? The apple trees are groaning. The tomatoes are ripening by the 100. The plums are falling off the trees. I just don't know where to start. My butternuts are ripe too, but they keep for ages, so that is a relief. Jean and I made a batch of damson jam/jelly this morning, and I now have 11 jars sitting here. Then, because I was really weary, I came home, and completely forgot to rest and started making things. Thankfully, I have a tall chair in the kitchen, because standing was totally out of the question. So we have stewed apples and stewed plums in the freezer. Apple cake on the counter. Tomato relish in the fridge and fresh bread cooling on the rack. No wonder I need a nap.

For good measure, I discovered that I have left all my personal recipe books in the Alps. I had to phone and get the recipe for Apfelkuchen. Great. That means my repertoire is suddenly diminished. I may have to try new things. Diana would love that. She adores recipe books and is a really experimental cook. I used to be, but with no-one to cook for generally, it seems a little ridiculous to cook exotic stuff. You know, though, once I get going, it all comes back - that feeling of contentment as you create something which smells and looks wonderful.

As I cleared the mess after everything was done, I looked around the kitchen/family room, and I just knew I wanted to be in the house for a while. Like a few days or weeks. Home. I want to plant the autumn pansies and chrysanths. I want to tidy the flower beds, and catch the seeds for next year. I want to change the house into its autumn clothing,...... change the decor and make it look cheerful and autumnal. I want to put the clean linen on the beds, and sort out the empty bedrooms. I just want to be here, doing ordinary things for a little while. In my own time.

I want to make labels for my jam, and decorate the tops. I may even want to consider Christmas and any gifts I need to make too. I most certainly will not be spending much money, so the creative spirit needs to get up to speed! This is what I love. What I need to do. Ordinary things. Like cutting some dahlias for my table. Beautiful.

So much to be thankful for. The little things we tend to forget.


Laurie in Ca. said...

This sounds like a wonderful vacation to recuperate from the one you just came home from. I am starting to feel the holidays coming and am really excited because the grandkids get so darned cute with all the tradition things we have introduced them to. Have a relaxing and perfect weekend Linds. Isn't being a grandma just the best thing in the world?

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Needled Mom said...

Your post sounds like perfect contentment. Granny, preserving, gardening and cooking. Enjoy!

Vee said...

Time with your grandgirlie sounds so delightful. (I am very happy to have a little more time to visit my grands and I've missed it so. They call me "Honeybunch" now. Too funny!)

Your kitchen must smell like heaven. It's been so dreadfully hot and humid that I haven't baked in many a day. Maybe if we really do get this hurricane (unlikely), I will feel like baking. My mother and I have a standing date to make Lady Ashburnham pickles, but who knows if it'll happen.

Anyway, it was lovely to visit with you and read this delicious tale of gardening and domesticity. (Yes, getting the thinking cap on concerning Christmas is a wonderful idea.)

Crystal said...

All day I've been reminded that autumn is now here! The air is cooler, some leaves are changing color, you can smell harvest, crops are turning golden - so, so many signs. You are very busy with the garden and plants! And playing with Missy sounds like the best part o all :)) I have sweet peas from my dad's garden on my table - I love summer flowers in the house. Have a lovely weekend, LInds! We are celebrating Silas' 2nd birthday and doing more farming.

Fran said...

I bet someone in the Alps is having a great time trying out all your recipes!