Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The season is changing.......

The garden is having a burst of early Autumn colour, so I thought I would share some of it with you. The wind out there today is freezing and I neglected to wear appropriately warm clothes today (which are up the stairs, and I have no intention of going up there), so I write wrapped in a blanket. Great. Mind you, this winter, I think I will be posting from under many layers of blankets, so I may as well get used to it now.

I am rambling.

My Uncle Walter rose is surpassing itself this year. It has NEVER had so many flowers!

I spent yesterday afternoon being "medically assessed". Do not ask. Yet another round with officialdom, and it is driving me round the bend. And they mentioned that there would almost certainly be another assessment before any decision is made. And joy of joys, I had a letter from another official today saying that someone medically trained would be making an appointment to visit me at home to "assess" me. Maybe it is time to tell the lot of them to vamoose, as we used to say when I was young.
But just look at this dahlia. It makes me smile, and I need to smile a lot more. I can see the dahlias from where I am sitting here, just outside my kitchen window. An absolute forest of pink.
It is so much more beautiful than these photos show, you know. Cosmos, dahlias, hollyhocks, sunflowers all amassed together, swaying in the wind, which is gale-force today.
The marigolds and lobelia are still flourishing too. I have been collecting seeds for next year. A little collecting effort now and I won't have to buy any next spring.
My roses have been flowering non-stop this summer, and they are all covered in buds now. And there are bees buzzing about all the time, which is great for the garden. Just look at this beautiful rose....... I see this as I wash the dishes. It is right outside my window.
So there you have my autumnal/late summer garden. Well, some of it, anyway. It makes me smile. The cold weather does not.

I generally just sit down at the computer and write what I am thinking. I don't have a formula for separate days. But recently, the words have been tumbling out all over the place, and I am not sleeping because they are dancing through my brain all the time. So, I have been writing but not posting what I am writing. Yet. A while back, I wasn't at all sure what to do about the blog, and I did what I always do, prayed about it, asked for a definite sign I should carry on writing. Well, if the words battering the inside of my skull are a sign, then yes, I should carry on. But what?

That is what I am trying to work out. I just let them flow and we will see what happens. If that makes any sense at all. Yes. Well. Just so you know.
If I look up from my computer, this is what I see. My kitchen all decorated for Autumn. And happily cluttered, as always too. Again, there is part you can't see, like my Autumn tree and the leaves on the rafters, and the seeds on trays.

Or me in the blanket.

Just as well.


Becky said...

I wish I could grow flowers as beautiful as yours. Those are stunning.

I also love the look of your kitchen!

Linds said...

Not many months before you will get to see it in real life!

Laurie in Ca. said...

I love your kitchen Linds!! And I enjoy reading whatever you write because it comes from honesty. You make me realize I am in good company and we are both grandmas too:) Keep writing.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Crystal said...

You have the most beautiful light in your kitchen! It looks so inviting. Someday I will sit for tea and we will pick flowers from the garden and I will inhale your world :)) And please keep writing - it keeps the brain in gear and the mind limber - and I would miss you dreadfully if you stopped now. Good luck with the assessments.

I've just picked most of the perishables from the garden as they are predicting frost and possibly snow tonight! Yes, only in Alberta! The grain harvest has barely started and the weather has been abysmal. Perhaps a good hard frost will make the weather change and autumn could proceed in nicer fashion.

Dragonfly Dreams said...

I adore your kitchen and am mentally trying to figure out if there is any way that I can make mine look like yours. Psshaaww, no good because mine is just too square)! So inviting! So warm! As are your words, dear Linds - keep on writing and letting those of us across the pond see your world from your eyes!

Vee said...

What a cozy kitchen! Love it wearing its autumnal clothes.

Yes, I know that your garden is lovely...must be ever so much more so than we can see for all the reasons you describe plus the scent. Doesn't orange and purple go together well? Love that combination. I just post-dated an entry last night for tomorrow of a visit to our local garden and admired the oranges and purples.

Thanks for all your sweet comments in my corner. It's mighty chilly in that room just now so I'm going to bake all afternoon in preparation for guests for supper. That should warm things up nicely.

Write, Linds! You were born to write.

Dawn said...

I would love to see your garden in person. The dahlias are gorgeous - I have one beautiful deep burgundy one that just came back after being destroyed by wind earlier this summer. Come on over and see it - it's not nearly as large as yours.

Take care of yourself!

Needled Mom said...

I am so glad that you did not give up blogging. I really would have missed it.

Your flowers are just gorgeous (as is your photography). The colors are definitely taking on autumn tints.

Sorry about yet more evaluations. What a royal pain!!!!!!

Stay warm!!!

Linda said...

Your flowers are just spectacular Linds. Could you come and help me? My attempts at growing flowers are feeble at best :-)
I hope you'll just write whatever is on your heart. You have a gift and I enjoy everything you write.

Edith said...

I love your writing...even when I don't get to read it as much as I would like to. Please don't stop. Your pictures are beautiful as well...I've never tried growing dahlias as they need pulled here in the fall. Maybe...if life ever slows down.

Keep us posted on the assessments - that is so frustrating.

Isabelle said...

Lovely pictures!

Mary said...

Love your mind. Love your garden. Love your kitchen.

Barbara said...

It certainly is nice to have colour in thegarden this time of year and mine has a great second flush of roses. Love your flower display outside your kitchen window.
Glad you are not giving up and are continuing blogging Linds.
Had a peep into your kitchen with a fukll screen. Enjoy this.

meghs said...

I enjoy your bog immensely - the good times and the bad times - knowing that we are all dealing with the same muddles of life.
Your kitchen is so inviting, just what a kitchen should be. Having a total black thumb, (although I love gardening anyway!), love the photos from your garden too. Hope you can stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Vicky/East Tx...Hello Linds. I already wrote you a real sweet comment and I guess it's out there in cyberspace somewhere! Then I read all of the comments that the others left. Not much for me to say except...Love your blogs..your words are so true and honest and open. Love your garden, and love your kitchen. It's very cozy looking and pretty. Thanks for your blog. God be with you with all of the assessments! I hope it all goes well. Vicky