Sunday, September 19, 2010


Can you believe that I am sitting here waiting for a call to tell me the horse manure is on its way to the allotment? No. I thought not. Sunday afternoons should not involve horse manure. But it is free, and the allotment needs it, and so it is arriving sometime soon. I, however, will not be shovelling it. I am going to be sending messages to the 2 strong men who have been using the allotment while I can't, and they will do the shovelling. I may go and watch for light entertainment. But then, it may be too cold. The wind is blowing again, and I am not feeling tropical. At all.

The week seemed to disappear in a flash, didn't it. I have no idea where the days go to any more. I do know that my absence for the past few days was triggered by the brain in overdrive.

You see, I had the most incredible email from a lovely lady who reads what I write, and it humbled me so much and made me stop and really think. Ponder. And I am so grateful she took the time to email me. I tend to forget at times that there are a people who pop by to visit, who don't comment here regularly or at all, and (Hello! You are all so very welcome!) I really do need to actually look at the stats a little more than once in a blue moon. I need reminding.

Don't feel that commenting is compulsory by any means, people, it just helps me to get to know you all and getting to know people from around the world has been an unexpected and absolutely wonderful blogging blessing. I never realised when I started so hesitantly all those years ago, how much you would all come to mean to me, and how much fun it would be to get to know you, and in some cases actually meet each other, and chat, either on the phone or skype.

How small our world is. And how powerful this internet has become. (Yes, the grammar is less than stellar. I know.)(My apple crumble is taking FOREVER to cook - I am hungry and I am also trying to heat the kitchen a little!) Where was I......

The internet. Of course.

What a wonderful place it it. And what an awesome responsibility it is when I realise that the words which spill out across my screen actually have an impact on other lives. Encourage people to change little things. Ripples, people, the ripples keep spreading out in ever-widening circles.

To tell you the truth, this blogging world has reduced me to tears at time, made me spew coffee all over my keyboard when I have laughed so hard. It has made me think. Made me explore areas way outside my comfort zone. It has challenged me, and it has blessed me beyond measure.

It has also been there in the dark lonely hours, you know. When my world was asleep. My real world. My blogging world stays awake. And it has also made me as mad as a wet hen at times.

We do not all agree with everything each other says, but we all (hopefully) have learned that differences are what make the world so interesting. We learn from each other. For goodness sake, I learned to crochet because Lucy made such beautiful things. Who would have thought I would crochet. Me? Hahahaha.

I have been a part of the vigils for little babies not destined to live for long. I have been a part of international prayers storming the gates of heaven for friends. I have watched blogging friends lose the battle to live, I have been part of the wonderful world where people around the world band together to support friends in desperate need. I have seen countless numbers dig deep and sponsor a Compassion child. I have watched amazing young women go away as missionary workers. I have seen others head to foreign lands to visit the poorest of the poor. And so much more......

Why do I blog? For all that. You see, you have no idea how simple it is to become a part of this world. Or how wonderful the rewards can be. My life has been enriched beyond measure. And as I said just a second ago, there is so much more too. So much.

All because I started writing.....


Linda said...

I think you have written this for so very many of us Linds. To try to explain it to someone who doesn't blog just leaves me feeling a bit foolish at times.
You have said it, as you do so many things, just perfectly.
I am so thankful our paths have crossed.
Have a blessed sunday!

Vee said...

(If this is twice or thrice, please delete... Blasted Error 503!)

You say it so very well... I love being in a cozy kitchen with apple crumble baking and a slightly muddled woman who speaks with the most delightful accent...Oh, yes! I hear it every time I read what you write. Please don't take that "muddled woman" thing wrong. This from one muddled gal to another. Love you!

Crystal said...

Linda says it perfectly. You do write what so many of us feel and you do it so eloquently too. I never would have imagined the friendships I would build via blogging and the interesting places and people I would visit via my laptop. Here's to many more posts and pictures (raising my hot cup of tea on this balmy -2 morning!)!!

Dawn said...

Hear hear! You have once again said it succintly and what we would all say if we wrote as well as you!

The manure thing made me chuckle.

I am like you - I am always telling somebody about something a blog friend said or did - I know they think I'm nuts. Truly, I feel close to so many here than anyone IRL! Is that sad or not??

As for commenters - I LOVE commenters and miss it when someone doesn't come to visit! I'll never forget how much I appreciated it when I was going through one of those "times" and you called me. Wow. Also - whenever I look at those twinnies, I think of all of you who prayed them into health!

It was cold and drizzly yesterday and was foggy this morning - when we had church scheduled at the park - the fog lifted, the sun came out in all its glory, and we had a wonderful service and dinner together at a lovely new park. What a blessing.

Needled Mom said...

Every word you have written is so true, Linds. Perhaps that is the reason that we have all been enriched through blogging.

Edith said...

I love to read your posts...and visit so many others. Don't comment much but I'm usually here. Through blogging I actually "reconnected" (sort of at least) with a sibling of one of my high school classmates. put it well what blogging offers.


Tee said...

I always check your blog every few days. Decided to delurk to let you know you there are many of us lurkers out here.

I agree that I often talk about blog friends to hubby and friends and often they think I've just lost it. I have "met" people living all over the world and get a little peek into their life. I have a blog, but when you live in the fast lane it is difficult to blog. I have lots of things to blog about, but some how never get around to posting. Too many things that have to be done.

Keep up the good work.

The Bookworm said...

This has been sitting in my Google Reader for nearly two weeks because I wanted to comment, but now whatever I was going to say has disappeared and all I can think to say is thank you for putting this so beautifully.

Also, I love getting to know online friends in real life, so yes, it would be lovely to meet for coffee in MK sometime. My email is thebookworm (at) (Hope that makes sense!)