Friday, February 11, 2011

Cakes and technology. One needs one to deal with the other.....

Lunch out yesterday was a delight. Lovely to relax, have a panini and catch up with Glynis's week. And then Jean got back from Kent, and off we went for tea in the afternoon. And scones. At the same lovely place. My favourite place to go for coffee or lunch. Groan. Groan re the excessive intake of delicious food, not the company, which was also delightful.

So I came home and decided that supper was superfluous. I would starve (hahaha) instead.

Then I went to housegroup. And my coffee arrived, and then the array of cakes. Lemon drizzle cake (delicious) chocolate brownies (equally delicious) and something else I managed to ignore. Yes. I had more carbohydrates.

And WHO CARES???????

Waddling is just fine.

I did not eat until supper today.

This has suddenly become a food post.

My day has been spent trying to understand my new phone. This has entailed watching innumerable Youtube videos instructing me what to do, and many many calls of frustration to my phone supplier to ask for help. The last time I called - I couldn't find the contacts from my sim card - had the man in stitches. I plowed on regardless, informing him that no little black phone was going to defeat me.

I have not even begun to think of ring tones and such like at this stage. That can wait. I need a darkened room with a cold compress on the fevered brow after the battle I have waged all day to understand a little thing which fits in the palm of my hand.

And I am old enough to remember those first mobile phone closely resembling bricks.

And car phones? Does anyone remember those?

Now for a little down time. I did cut out a little dress for Missy today (while waiting for the helpline to pick up the phone). I have a quilt to finish. I will be back tomorrow with something hopefully more interesting than phones and cakes to talk about, I promise......


Fran said...

Housegroup or no housegroup, it is a sin to refuse lemon drizzle cake anyway.

Isabelle said...

Cake. What else does a person need?

Dawn said...

Did you get a fancy schmancy new phone with lots of apps, etc??

Janine (txmomx6) said...

It took me a while to stop saying "car phone" instead of cell phone.