Monday, February 14, 2011

Old photos.......

I have been sorting through boxes of photos today. Not the ones already in the computer - those range from 2003 onwards, it seems. But the rest. From before I was born till today.

That means a mountain of photos. I have a huge box sorted into years, so we have made a start. But I should try to scan the lot and have them in folders on an external hard drive at the very least. But it takes time, people. Believe me. Loads of time. Maybe a decade or 2. I have been doing this all day and have only scanned in about 200 so far.

The hilarious part is looking at me. Well, at photos of me. Long hair. Short hair. Very short hair. Wild hair. Smooth hair. Then there is the size. From size 8 (very very tiny) to size *!$$*&!. (Not very very tiny. At all. ) We will ignore any measurements at this point. From unfortunate floral leggings (pink) to white trousers to glamorous black dresses and classy numbers (from the size 8 days). And Mummy Gear in between. Baggy sweaters. Long floaty skirts. Tshirts. Long cardigans. Concealing stuff. You know - to hide the post pregnancy extra weight which one is still trying to get rid of 22 years later. Some of us were not meant to be sylphs.

Groan. I am trying to get them in a separate folder and I will do a post of the Changing Me. However, I have to say, I think I look younger now than I did back when I was hmmmm ....about 42. Well, some time ago. And the shoes. Oh heavens. The shoes had some strange periods too. So did coats. There are some seriously weird coats in my past.

I also discovered that one of my favourite tops seems to appear in the 2002 folder. Right. That was a good investment then. But it is 9 years old. I think maybe I had better check to see if my attachment to it needs to be severed. I may be blind to its shortcomings.

Hair. Clothes. Inches. Shoes.

But you know what? There were an whole load of photos of smiles, laughter, hugs and cuddles. Grins and amusement, and happiness.

And me standing on ostrich eggs too.


Carole Burant said...

I can't wait to see those pictures of you! lol Isn't it amazing how we used to think we looked so cool wearing what we did back then? I guess it was the style but geez I'm sure glad the "styles" have changed! lol I know how much work it is to scan pictures, I started doing that a few years ago whenever I have time and I still haven't finished.

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day to you, dear Linds:-) xoxo

Linda said...

I love looking at old photos Linds. I have to remind myself to put the dates on the back though. It's difficult to remember (for me at least) exact times and places.
I found one of myself the other day with hair the size of a mountain. Talk about big hair! So funny.

Happy Valentine's Day from me too Linds.

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Photographs are priceless! Happy Valentine's Day, Linds!

Crystal said...

What a fun day! I'm sure there were lots of smiles - and some raised eyebrows too :) That's a huge task - to scan them all - good luck!

someone else said...

Oh what fun! Old photos are the best and I'm anticipating seeing a few of yours.

The Bookworm said...

Scanning old photos is a job that has been on my mind for a while. I really should make a start. Looking forward to seeing the changing you. I'm sure yours would look better than mine. The word unphotogenic was invented for me. (is it a word? Or did I jus invent it?)

Needled Mom said...

Just catching up here on your posts, Linds. Firstly...happy birthday to Diana. Those 30 years have certainly flown by, haven't they?

Years ago one of our longtime daytime personalities retired. They did a collage of all the years of her "looks" and it was hysterical to see all the different hairstyles, wardrobe designs and shoes.

Dawn said...

I have the exact same feelings when I go through pictures of our family - I thought I was so styling with the clothes I made back then - well, I was, but yuck! It is definitely a memory lane kind of thing. I can't wait to see the post(s)! We should all do this - our different "styles" over the years. The shoes - I know what you mean!

I haven't even thought of scanning all of them - what a horrendous task!