Friday, February 25, 2011

The end of another week approaches.....

It is nearly time for me to change the house to its Spring colours. So I am making some Spring bunting for the kitchen, and it is taking a while. That is because I can't sit and sew for long, which is highly irritating. But it will get done. Hopefully before Summer arrives. And the seasons all have capitals because they are important. They mean an end to the cold wetness, and I cannot wait. I want to get into the garden to plant things. I have plans.

So another week barrels to an end. Yesterday's sun has disappeared, and instead we have the wetness yet again. Isn't it amazing how much more productive we get when the sun shines? It energises people. Well, it energises me. Unfortunately I expended a little too much energy yesterday, what with all the "have you got a saw/screwdriver/sandpaper/drill/vacuum" etc etc etc. The end result was worth it, but there is always a price to pay.

The sparkling dishes make up for a great deal.

I need to stop discussing my dirty dishes.

I had a long chat with a friend today, who learned recently that she has been made redundant. We talked of opportunities, not misery. Plans, not hopelessness. Trust, not worry. Leaps of faith. I will forever be thankful that I was born with an optimistic approach to the challenges life has a tendency to throw at me, you know. My friend has a similar approach to life, and I know she will be fine.

I am working on awareness - being aware of the tiny things around me during my days. Opening my eyes. It is not quite as simple or easy as it sounds, but I refuse to get caught on a treadmill of just existing, and not really living. It is not about deliberately deciding to do something interesting so you have plenty to notice. No, it is about noticing things in the mundane. Like the sparkling dishes. (I need to STOP talking about sparkling dishes......) The way the sun shines on a photograph. The rows of threads, the way the tulips in the vase bend. My eyes glance over these things without taking note usually. They are not out of place and so don't stand out to me, and yet, if I do take note, they ARE special. Beautiful.

And at the same time, I am still caught up in the NZ earthquake disaster. The devastation of a city and the pain of its people. The troubles in Libya and consequences for us all. The revolt of the people in the Middle East. My mind considers the potential catastrophic rise in fuel prices, and an unstable world. And to be frank, there are times when just looking at the tulips slows down the racing thoughts. Thank heavens. Now there is talk of using all manner of methods to retain/regain control by Pres Gaddafi - things like germ warfare. And my heart shudders.

I put petrol in my car today. It was a quarter full when I got to the petrol station, and it cost me £52.00 ($83.70) to fill up. That means that it will cost nearly £70.00 ($112.67) a tank. And that is today. Tomorrow it will be more. The day after that, more again. And again.....

So many things to keep us awake at night.

So now, I have tulips in 3 rooms. I split a bunch so I can always see them, and remember the little things. In a world like ours, today at the end of February 2011, we need to remember the small things too. There is still beauty to see.


Helen in Switzerland said...

Linds, you are so right - and being a cup half full sort of person makes living a whole lot pleasanter. I'm all for positive thinking - and it really is true that when one door closes, another one opens.
Enjoy your tulips - just as I in Switzerland am enjoying mine. Believe me, it's just as dreary here at the moment as it is in England!

Vee said...

There certainly is plenty to worry about in the world today if we were given to worry. Who am I kidding? I am given to worry and I do consider it a great sin when the Lord so clearly has told me not to worry. Good thing that He is still in control no matter what a madman may do in Libya. *Shudder* I like your declaration that seasons are important; therefore, you shall capitalize them. :D

Your tulips are perfectly gem-like and, since I have none of my own, you may find me sitting here staring at them myself from time to time.

You've mentioned the shiny dishes so nicely that when I close my eyes I can see rows of goblets glistening in the sun. Do you even have goblets?

Crystal said...

I am the same as you, Linds - optimistic by nature, thankfully! The world is full of bad things but our God is amazing and mighty and can do more than we ever could imagine so I'm happily sticking with Him! Yikes about the price of fuel though. We are back in the deep freeze for at least another 10 days (-37 degrees C with the windchill) this morning so we were inside at recess again.

I love fresh tulips!! I just might have to get some today :) And your post yesterday was marvelous - great pictures and great story! I'm so glad you got the benefit of two helpers - enjoy the sparkling dishes :)

Sheila said...

This is an inspiring post - you are so right about noticing the little things. Our days are filled with sunshine and shadows and very often I don't take the time to stop and watch or stop and listen. Beauty can be found all around us on the darkest days and it's good to remember how much we have and appreciate our surroundings each day.

Becky said...

I hope I never reach a point where I don't notice the little things anymore. Small pleasures are the best sometimes.