Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have decided it is Spring........

I have spent the day changing things. As soon as I got home from church, I started on the switch over. The house is now (almost) in its Spring mode. Gone are the reds and browns of Winter, and now we have green with a touch of yellow in the lounge and the full range of spring colours in the kitchen/family room. The bathrooms are done too. And all the reds - the towels, cloths, blankets, etc are drying as I speak, ready to be packed away till December. We just need a little Spring-like weather round here now, and all would be good.

I would post photos, but I just sat down, you see, and I do believe it will take a miracle to get me up again in the near future. They can wait till tomorrow. Actually, I haven't taken any photos yet. But I will. And anyway, I still have one lot of bunting to do. I made it all and then didn't like the first one - the colour of the binding was not right, so I am making another one. And in the process have wrecked my pinking shears. They really don't last forever, do they.......

There is a big box of Easter things waiting till we are nearer Easter to put out and to decorate the Easter tree. I do not need another Easter or Spring thing for the rest of my life. I have enough for a few houses. I can see it all from where I am sitting.

Yesterday, because the weather was foul, I levered myself onto the deck in my sewing room and tried to sort out the seasons up there in boxes. Well. You have NO IDEA. At one stage, I was buried. There is not a lot of room to manoeuvre up there. By the time I slid down the ladder, I was ready for bed.

However, I had a 60th birthday party to go to. There were many calls to and from friends, discussing the dress for the party, because the suggestion was 50's style. Hmmmm. I decided to forget that part, and wear the first thing that I could find that was complete. As in all on the same hanger. My cupboard is very small, you see, and I reckon the last time I bought anything glamorous was about 10 years ago and heaven knows when last I wore any of it. Everything is still lovely and will not date, and most of it mixes and matches, but it is all silky and wearing silky stuff is like setting fire to my leg, so any of the options would be uncomfortable.

But we got there in the end. I found something vaguely suitable to wear and the party was great and we all had a wonderful time - I caught up with all my friends, and the food and music were both superb. Sue, the birthday girl, wore the most stunning 50's dress - red with black polka dots, and many petticoats! Just beautiful. One requires a waist to wear such creations. I have forgotten what a waist is. It is on the list for this year. Rediscover the waist. Sigh. And we will not discuss the deliciousness of the cupcakes. (The chocolate ones.......)(See above reference to the quest to re-discover the waist.)(Hopeless.)

I have just been trying to sharpen pinking shears by cutting fine sandpaper. I do not think it is working and the mess.... Time to retire to the sofa. If I can get up.

PS: I wonder how The King's Speech will do at the Oscars - it deserves to win the lot.


Dawn said...

Sounds like a busy day and a lovely week-end. Looking forward to seeing the new look.

We saw The King's Speech last night and I was so impressed. It was as good as everyone has said. I hope they do well at the awards - I do not watch them, but will check the news sites in the morning.

Have a great week!

Meggie said...

I totally agree, about the Kings Speech. I know it is all over now, & no...I don't know the results! I just cannot get enthused about TV these days, & find I avoid most of it, like the plague!
If only my life would stop tossing me about. I am sure I could remember some order and process... but it seems it is not to be.
I know how you feel about Season's change. I am SO ready for some Autumn, here Downunder! Not the reds, but the coolth!!

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

I am totally with you in the Kings Speech. We never go to theaters but we got the chance to go see this and I remember sitting in the theater thinking, "I am watching one of the best movies I've ever seen." And not just because it starred Mr. Darcy. Anyway, I was glad it won. Nice to "meet" you!