Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Time to bake......

We are having a quiet day today. I may have over done the "walking in a straight line heel to toe" thing yesterday. Once could have been enough, but repeatedly trying to balance was not a brilliant idea. I can say categorically that I would fail any sobriety test requiring straight line walking. Maybe I need to carry a medical note with me. Hmmm. Not that I have ever been asked to do this, I hasten to add, but I have been watching too many Cop programmes. It is the couch, you see. It makes me watch things.

However, moving on....

I have Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Buns rising as I speak. I felt the need for Cinnamon Buns today and they are the PERFECT thing for pacing oneself. Heat the milk, then wait. Stir in the flour, then wait - a longer wait - time for coffee and a chat here. Assemble the buns, then wait. See. I am being angelic today. I am pacing myself. And there is a reward at the end.
  1. The house will smell wonderful.
  2. I will have cinnamon buns to eat.

I am not making the full recipe - I would have to go out and deliver 6 trays to the world at large. So I have cut it down to a more manageable quantity. And you know, I had to google "what is a quart of milk" because I was brought up METRIC and I have no idea what quarts and gallons and those sort of things are. It is similar to the "stick" of butter thing. Hello????? A measurement in GRAMS would be wonderful. (But I have done that one already.)

So. I am waiting. I had to actually turn the heating on to provide the "leave to rise for an hour in a warm place". It is rising. This has been a long awaited baking day, because finding maple extract was a little difficult. Until, that is, my friend in the frozen north (Scotland) went to the Good Food show and called me as she stood at the fancy stand selling flavourings to tell me she was clutching a bottle in her hand and did I still want it. Eureka! Then I had to wait for her to visit us down south. Then Christmas came and here we are. in February, for goodness sake. A month is already history in 2011.

I will not carry on about speed and time again.

Right. Time to go and lift the dish cloth. I will be back later. Very possibly 15kgs heavier.


Dawn said...

Oh, Linds, again I have to say I love the pace of your writing - you are so witty in such a fun way - I feel like I'm there in your house waiting for the cinnamon buns to rise. I would be hard pressed to stay "good" if I were there. I had to laugh about your dilemma with quarts, a stick of butter, etc. It is so true - old recipes I've found say a "can" of something - who knows how big a can??

So glad you got the extract - what a good friend.

I've done Part I of two parts of our trip to Kevin's graduation. Come on over if you have a minute! Well, you're pacing yourself, so maybe you do!

Sheila said...

Hello Linds - I've just discovered your blog and enjoyed reading your letter to your granddaughter and your windows reflections. I've become a follower and look forward to reading more...Sheila

Vee said...

Yes, I have similar difficulties in reverse with regard to measurements. I hear about PW's cinnamon buns a lot in Blogdom. Have never made them and don't intend to. I'm too impatient. I'm going straight to the Duncan Hines box of brownies on this blizzardy day and calling it good.

Needled Mom said...

I am sure that the long wait will make them taste even better. They sound delicious to me. I copied the recipe, but haven't made them yet. The full recipe would feed the village.

Those measurements are quite pesky to figure out. I feel the same way when I grab my British cookbook and everything is in metric.