Friday, February 18, 2011


Someone I love very much turned two yesterday. I cannot believe she is two already. But believe me, she loves shops, loves bags and never stops moving. She likes wheels too. Things to get in or on and things to push about.
She loves balloons and climbing. She also loves cooking in her "kitchen". Pouring tea? Got it taped.
Yes, those are little people in the sink. And in the frying pan too, I believe. We may have to work on what is suitable for cooking. And we may also have to either invest in many sets of earplugs or remove the batteries from the stove. And kettle.

One busy busy little girl, who loved her chocolate birthday cake, fed her Auntie and Grauntie noodles she had cooked on her stove - the noisy one - on the TV (which could do with a clean after the feeding episodes) via skype. She has now got a jungle gym/slide thing in the garden and a trike and a little car to sit in and push around, so she is more than thrilled, and once the weather gets a little warmer than freezing, she will be out there. She did get bundled up a few times yesterday to try it all out, but her parents and grandparents were frozen, so the garden play did not last very long.

Another reason to hope Spring is not far away!

Ah, how I love that little girl. She is starting to talk more now. I distinctly heard "shtoopid" when the door of her kitchen came off. Not quite the vocab we were aiming for, but accurate, nonetheless! It was a stupid door to fall off when yanked with considerable force.

The grown-ups celebrated her birthday with a raclette last night, after she fell asleep. She was zonked after her very exciting and busy day. So were the grown-ups too, may I add. If you could bottle the energy a two year old seems to have we would make a fortune.

So I am one very happy Moregranny. I got to "Mum mum" (Come come) and do puzzles, and build duplo and put shoes and bibs on dollies. I got a wrestle (with her Mummy) a little girl into her clothes in the mornings - did I mention she never ever stops wiggling running or moving???

And I loved every minute.

Being a (More)Granny is wonderful.


Vee said...

Oh I've enjoyed seeing the glimpses of your precious grand-girlie. She sounds all girl for certain with plenty of spunk. How proper it seems for an English gal to know how to pour tea at the tender age of two. So glad that you had great fun!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it was the perfect celebration for a precious two year old. Where has the time gone, Linds? She will be grown up before we know it.

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday, Little One!! What beautiful golden hair - thanks for showing us some glimpses of the fun :) Enjoy every precious moment that you have together - noise and all! Carry on with partying - - -

Donnetta said...

Can't believe she's already 2! Her pink jammies made me smile.

Looks like a marvelous day for everyone!

Becky said...

I love seeing the pictures of "Her Busyness", especially in the pink jammies. She is so precious.

I was wondering what Moregranny means - where does it come from?

Linda said...

It absolutely is - and I am so glad you had this time with her.
She is adorable.

Laurie in Ca. said...

Thank you so much for sharing sweet glimpses of the little girl who has turned you to mush:) She is precious Linds and I can't believe she is two already. You will just keep falling more and more in love with her every day:) Sounds like a wonderful day and I am looking forward to Spring too. Just a bit longer.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Isabelle said...

Of course, Feb 17 - how could I forget. Well, that did cheer me up - thank you. And Happy Birthday to little Missy.

Kathleen said...

Enjoy every second... Three is quickly coming your way!