Wednesday, March 16, 2011

At the dawn of the blogging age.........

I had a sudden thought this morning - I couldn't remember when I first started blogging, so I checked. The first tentative post was on August 15, 2005. And while I did write 5 more posts that year, I only really started blogging in April 2006. Nearly 5 years ago. Sunday, 2nd April, to be exact.

How could I have known then just what would happen to my life, or how much being a part of the blogging world would help me. Those long lonely nights when sleep was elusive. Time after time, there was a voice somewhere out there which I could hear, and which heard me. People. Real people. So I made friends.

Do you remember the trepidation when you first posted a comment somewhere? I was worried I was intruding. Ridiculous now. But back then, it was a whole new thing. The days before books on blogging were written, and before it became the massive engine it is now. Back then, we just jumped in - or rather, crept in toe by toe, in reality.

And here I am, all those years later, writing my 1315th post. So many words. And now, I am popping back and forth, trying to find and recognise the woman I was back then. How I have changed, and some of you have been there through the metamorphosis. Good? Bad? Does it matter? It is who I am and how this life has shaped me.

(6 hours later)

I got lost in the memories there for a few hours. Back then I didn't say very much, but I remember the emotions behind the words, you see. I remember what I did NOT write, and that was the really important stuff. It took some time to recognise me. The good Lord knows I am older, greyer, and a whole lot wiser. A bit dented and brusied too. But, if nothing else, I am a survivor. With sense of humour intact!

So what have I been up to today? Apart from trawling through old posts? I had an auctioneer come round to see about getting rid of a few things. Large things like cupboards. That must count as a few bags, I think. He was here a while, and then Julia popped in for tea, followed 5 mins later by Jean, who was trying out her bus pass now that she is over 60 - she had been on an adventure - and then a little while later, Glynis and Peter rolled in the door too, so it was a wonderful way to spend the rest of the afternoon. The house was full of chatter and laughter and tea and biscuits.....and some of my favourite people too. Perfect.

They all left together and in the silence, I realised how quiet my life is normally. A little of both - balance - is just right, I think.

My beef stew which had been bubbling away in the crockpot all day was delicious. And now it is time to retire to the couch with a coffee. And a chocolate. The bag count, by the way, is up to 18. It is going well. I now have a medicine cabinet sans medicine which expired in 1996. We are finally up to date. And I will never need to buy another plaster again. Then I moved on to the sewing room. I was buried. I have done 2 sets of drawers and 3 shelves and the mess is diabolical, but it is a work in progress. Watch this space!

Time to rest..............

(What is wrong with the spellcheck? I click on it and nothing happens at all.......)


Linda said...

Your words about blogging certainly resonate Linds. We began at about the same time, and it has been a wonderful adventure.
I love it that your friends just pop in for a visit. We seem to have gotten away from that sort of thing. It just brightens up the whole day.
I'm proud of the work you're doing. It is always such a good feeling to get things sorted out and in order. I'll be watching!

Anonymous said...

I am a relative newcomer to this blogging lark and I still find it a bit intimidating to post on someone else's blog, just like you did!

But I have been reading your blog for a little while now, so I thought I would take the plunge and say hello!

Becky said...

My first post was February 24, 2006 - five years! Wow. I went back and found the first comment you left me, October 27 2006. Who would have dreamed where life would go from there?

Needled Mom said...

I can see how you would get lost while reading some of your older blogs. That must have been difficult rereading some of them.

18 bags??? That is fabulous. Does it feel better as well? At least you are now more organized and know where things are. One question...what is "plaster"????

Dawn said...

I was two months behind you, and in fact used the words "fear and trepidation" in that first post. I remember finding you through Becky. What a blessing this blogging life has been!

I posted about the challenge just now - in fact, even put a very horrid picture up - very brave of me, I thought!

I'm with NM - what's "plaster?"

Linds said...

A plaster is a bandaid I think you call them. Something you stick on cuts etc. How strange that we all speak English but different varieties!

Sheila said...

What an interesting post Linds. I can see where you would lose yourself in memories for so many hours after blogging for this many years. But the mention of blogging friends as a comfort is so true. It's wonderful to find kindred spirits no matter where they are in the world. Blogging is all about connections and kindness.

Vee said...

Have you ever considered that nothing is wrong with your spelling? Wow. I am amazed by all your writing and did you find, as you were digging around in your blog, that you loved your blog? I hope so.

Crystal said...

It will be 5 years for me in May - wow! I don't have time tonight to check back and find when our paths first crossed but I;m very curious and will try to do that soon. I think it was via Seeds From My Garden. I was so tentative about commenting too but as I was poking around my first 2 months of posting, I found that I started writing just a month before Meadow came to our family!! She was so tiny - oh, my!! I love the recording of so many memories that I can just click back to on my blog.

You are doing awesome with the bag challenge - way to go!! Maybe when you finish you can come here and inspire me :))

Adam said...

Ha, I was thinking a plaster was some craft item! :) it is funny the differences in English!

I had to look up my first post too, June 9, 2006 going on five years too! It was fun to look back at photos of Nathan all tat time ago!

You and all your words here are such a blessing and inspiration. Love you, Heidi

Adam said...

Oops, oh Adam's computer and I guess Its logged in as him. :) it's Heidi though!