Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cars, coffee, and chats...........

My car is legal. It was a "gulp" moment. But at least it is legal and safe to drive, so that is good. By the time it came home, I was pacing about impersonating a prophet of doom, believe me. But the important thing is that I have wheels. Nice car. Good car. The fact that my mechanic could possibly afford to book for a week in Hawaii is beside the point. Well, sort of.

What are we told???? We will have enough. Enough for each day. And each day is what we need to bother ourselves with. Not the next 3 months. Remember this, Linds.

Moving on past wildly expensive motor vehicles......

The sun has shone today, and the service this morning at church was wonderful. Yesterday was a day spent with friends - well, Jean sent me a message to say that she had lit her woodburner in the morning, so I was over there as fast as I could get there. I LOVE fireplaces, and fires, and sitting watching the flames dance, while drinking coffee and chatting to a good friend at the same time sounds good to me. It was good.

I only left at all because another friend sent me an SOS - she needed a router installed and her laptop sorted, so I popped in there, on condition that there was a fire I could sit in front of, and played around. I also taught her how to use Facebook. So that was good too. There was more coffee and chat involved.

And that, my friends, has been the pattern of my weekend. The first daffodil in the garden is half open. The sun is doing its work. I would have done some garden stuff, only another friend had a birthday today, so I trundled along for more coffee. And cake. There is a coffee theme developing here.


I nearly forgot to tell you about my exciting chat!! A highlight of my week!! My lovely friend, Kelli, sent me a copy of Ann's book, which arrived on Friday, so I planned a phone call to her to say thank you. Well. I had to deal with some American woman who wanted a 10 digit identifying number, so I managed to sort that one after about 4 attempts, and then got an answer machine. Hmmm. Not quite what I was planning. So the second time I left a message saying I would call back. And I did. And for the first time, my friend and I talked on the phone together.

Most of you will know Kelli, and her wait for a donor kidney. I have been along for the ride since we first met over 4 years ago, and yet we had never talked. So this was special. Only her phone was expiring, so the call was cut short. And she was struggling with her breathing too, which was not good. But I called her back last night - after I woke from an unintentionally long nap on the couch - she was feeling a little better, and we managed to talk about every subject on earth, I believe.

It was such fun.

This world of ours brings some wonderful surprises - connections made which enrich all our lives. The benefits........ oh, I am SO glad I started pounding away here on the keyboard. You have all enriched my life immeasurably. And I am thankful for each and every one of you.

And Kelli....... we will chat again. We may just have missed out on one or two subjects......


Needled Mom said...

I am so happy that your car has passed the trials this week. Good for the car and good for you!

Your chatting, firelit weekend sounds like the perfect start for the upcoming week. There is nothing like a warm fire made even better enjoyed with good friends.

I am so glad that you had the opportunity to chat with Kelli. I am not familiar with her, but she sounds like a delightful woman. I am certain another call is in your future to catch those last few missing thoughts.

Kelli said...

Oh yes, we will talk and talk and talk and talk and talk ....

Vee said...

Time before a fire with a good friend and a cup of coffee and good conversation all sounds so delightful. I sit before my oscillating heating fan when truly chilled. ;>

I'm so glad that you had the opportunity to chat with Kelli and not just once, twice!

Good news about the car passing! (We once had that system in my corner but voted it into oblivion after so many cars were ruined on the equipment.)

Hope that there's a fire going there tonight as well or do you not have one? I'm going back to check out your living room.

Crystal said...

Your week-end sounds just as it should be - friends, slowing down, visiting, relaxing. I know just how Kelli feels because I was so excited to hear your voice when you called too! Enjoy that daffodil - I am going in search of flowers for my kitchen table today. And enjoy the book - it's simply amazing! Take care!

Donnetta said...

Oh Linds this sounds like an absolutely delightful weekend.

Passing cars, fires, friends.. and a phone call to a bloggy friend. HOW WONDERFUL!!

Trusting your week is off to as great of a start!