Monday, March 21, 2011

Play time........

Dolls and their pushchairs, little red cars, jungle-gyms, play food, Peter Rabbit books, playdoh.....can you guess where I have been? A little blonde-haired tornado and I have been playing. One just over 2 years old. The one who never seems to run out of energy. Unlike her Moregranny, might I add.

On the way home, I told Jean that it was just as well she was driving, because I would have been asleep at the wheel in seconds. It was a battle to stay awake.

This past weekend, Jean had planned to visit her Mum who is over 90 and in a home near my son's home, and suggested we go down together. The petrol, you know. You need a mortgage to fill the car. So I called and announced that my arrival was imminent. They did not say no.

And early on Saturday - so early that I completely forgot to lock the back door and had to phone a friend, while we barrelled down the motorway, to hotfoot it over to my house and do so immediately - we set off. It promised to be a beautiful day, and it really was. Sunshine and blue skies. And not freezing.

I met A and A at Costco as the doors opened. It was just off the M25, so easy for Jean to drop me and my Stuff, and then she zapped off to see her Mum and go to the seaside with her brother. Missy and I re-acquainted ourselves among the groceries, and she remembered me. I think. I gathered up the olive oil, peanut butter etc that I needed, and today, I remembered that they were still sitting in Ann's kitchen. Well, that did not go to plan then. I will have to go back. The olive oil, you know. It is important.

And so I have spent the past 2 days playing with Missy. She is super cute at the moment - even with a cold and runny nose, and is trying so hard to talk. She is into bags in a big way, and carries 2 or 3 around with her all the time. Full of Stuff. And she loves beads, as in my beads, so she hijacks my necklaces to wear. My attempts at a play-doh bunny were pitiful, but she enjoyed the process. But i an very good at playing with cars on road mats. And dressing dolls. And drawing flowers and trees on the patio with chalk.

So there was a great deal of laughter, a superb BBQ - the first of the year - and I did not stop smiling. I also crocheted many flowers in the evenings when all was quiet. And nearly nodded off.

I have told you the story of "Moregranny" before, I think. Emma's other Granny, Granny2B2, is called Granny. So I am Moregranny. It is a family name, and reminds me of my much loved granny.

When I was little, my Dad's parents lived in Pretoria - 1000 miles away from Cape Town, where we lived. And after my grandfather died, my grandmother came to live in Cape Town, to be closer to her only child, my Dad. My mother explained that I had another Granny, as well as the one I already knew, and I said "More Granny?" as a little one would say. And Mum said yes. And from the moment I saw her, I called her Moregranny, and she loved it. I thought it was her name. And indeed it became her name. By the time she died, when I was 11 or 12, I think, everyone called her Moregranny. My friend, my mother's friends - she was Moregranny. Tiny, Scottish and fiercely independent. She used to drive a huge old car and she peered between the steering wheel and the dashboard to see out the front.

We loved her. Everyone loved her. So I chose to be Missy's Moregranny, you see. I didn't want to me Nanny, or Nanna, or anything else. Being Moregranny is very special.

So this morning, Missy and I waved goodbye to her parents as they went off to work, and had a couple of hours alone together. She did not bat an eyelid, thank heavens. And when her Granny came to collect her and take her off to play, Jean and I set off home.

And here I am. 99% asleep. And it is just 3.30pm. I think I will be having a very early night tonight. But it was wonderful, and I am still smiling.

I love that little girl to bits.


Vee said...

I always enjoy hearing how grandmothers have their names. There are wonderfully unique names such as yours. Great story! Sounds as if you enjoyed a lovely weekend and how delightful that you were able to go on the spur of the moment. Gas prices...ugh. Good plan to share a ride for a number of reasons. It's far more fun to have company on such travels.

Becky said...

What a delightful visit that must have been.

I love the story of how Moregranny came to be. I've wondered.

When our first grandchild was learning to say grandma and grandpa, he would pronounce it Mama and Papa, which is what we came to be. One family of grandchildren calls us that.

Karen's children have a different take on it. When her oldest was learning to talk, he suddenly came up with the name Bucky for me. Probably his way of saying Becky after he heard others say Becky. So in her family, we are Bucky and Papa.

Dawn said...

We're just plain old Grandma and Grandpa. Sounds like a great time. Two is such a fun age - as is 3!

Laurie in Ca. said...

I am so happy you had a wonderful time with your sweetie:) They are so precious aren't they? Just you wait until she gets talking, you will just crack up at the things they come up with:) Love you Linds.
And don't feel bad about being tuckered out. They never run out of energy, we do.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Crystal said...

I know how tired you are - and what a fabulous weekend you had too!! She sounds just delightful :) I love hearing the story behind your name. You have the journalling for another scrapbook layout here you know!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it was a perfect weekend with your little one. I know how tired you must be, but I know that you felt it was more than worth it!!!

I love how you came up with the Moregranny name. Now rest up!!!

Sheila said...

That's such a special name you have and the story is delightful. Lucky you to have a dear granddaughter to cherish!

The Bookworm said...

There are few things small girls lke more than Grandmas, or Moregrannies, prepared to play wih them endlessly. Cherub has loved having my Mum here while she recovers from her bout of cellulitis because Grandma will play Uno (card game) as many times as she wants, whereas her parents wimp out after three ir our games!

Isabelle said...

What a lovely post. Very aaahhh!

Anonymous said...

Vicky from East Tx...I'm grandmommy. My husband is granddaddy to 3 of our grand children. He is Danny to our 4th grandchild, Caleb, who we get to babysit during the week. Danny is how grandaddy sounded to him, I guess. Danny played Santa Claus at his school when he was almost 3. Caleb recognized Danny right off. He called him Danny Claus. He was convinced that he was the real Danny Claus. haha. He was so much fun that Christmas. Still this past Christmas he spoke of Danny Claus, until another man filled the spot while Danny sat with us at the table for our Breaksfast with Santa. Sort of a sad end to such a sweet story. Grandchildren are the best!

Midlife Mom said...

What a lovely post! I love the story about how you became Moregranny, it is sweet. What a great time you had with Missy, those times are so precious as these little ones grow up so fast! I can't believe I have nine and eight year old grand kids! So glad you had such a wonderful time and hope you get to do it again soon!


Linds said...

Oh good grief...... I have just re-read this and I apologise for all the appalling typos, people! Not a shining moment.