Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wherein I ramble.........

I sat down at 8pm last night and the next thing I knew, it was after 1am. I was right. The pacing sort of got forgotten yesterday and enthusiasm of the ridiculous variety invaded my body. End result = moving verrrrry slowly today. You have permission to yell "I told you so". I can take it. I think.

I had a lovely surprise when I finally crawled out of bed this morning - an email to say that I had won a quilting book at Helen's place! If you haven't discovered her yet, pop over and say hello. I have mentioned her blog before, I know.... she lives in Switzerland and is a total delight. So, even thought the skies are grey, the wind is blowing and I am creaking more than the tree over the road, I have a huge grin in place.

Scratch that, the skies are now blue and the wind is howling. I just went out to see if the greenhouse was about to take off again, and my hair now closely resembles that of a troll. Do you remember trolls? Those little rubber people with bright coloured nylon hair sticking straight up in the air? I had one with orange hair. I remember. I loved my troll. Those were the days when we were so content just to have one of anything. One Barbie. One troll. Hair sticking up in the air looked good on my troll. It does not look good on me. However, as there is no-one here to see it, it does not matter at all. Just a note here - my troll did not come with a wardrobe, unlike modern trolls with designer clothes. It had no clothes. And I made its hair go up in the air. But, this vintage troll looks very like my one from a long time ago. (Thank you, Google images, for the vintage troll picture)

I am rambling.

I want to go and fill another bag or 10.

I have a fresh cup of coffee instead.

Hours come and go and time flies by.....................

Well, I got somewhat caught up checking out artists and galleries and auctions and whathaveyous, and completely forgot I was in the middle of writing a post. Actually, I have not got a great deal to tell you all, hence the rambling. What I should have done was go and finish the Autumn quilt. I have another one to make, you see - in shades of purple and yellow, and I really want to get it started. There is a huge gap between what I should do and what I actually do, though. Then I saw the Japanese flowers everyone is crocheting. And the pointy triangular bunting others are crocheting. And then I read a few more inspirational blogs and realised that I was writing drivel today.

So I will stop digging the hole deeper and deeper. And go and make more coffee. I will be back when I have something coherent to say.


Vee said...

There is no such thing as drivel in Blogdom. Every little thing is interesting to someone. Like me. Congrats on winning the quilting book. I'm sure that it'll take you places you've not been before and you'll enjoy that. On the subject of mother found them revolting so I never had one. Can't say that I missed it and perhaps have lessened the nasty names I might call myself otherwise. May the fierce wind of March ease up in time to leave you your greenhouse and hair intact.

Helen in Switzerland said...

Thanking you for thanking me!
And I don't believe for one minute that you looked like the troll - your nose is most certainly the wrong shape and unlike the troll I hope you are decently attired. On the other hand, if you aren't, well....Oh dear, I'm rambling too - it must be catching!

Needled Mom said...

What an exciting win to wake up to!!! Congratulations.

Ah yes...the old troll dolls. I think a few of mine are still in the kid's toy box. They were the rage.

Glad that the greenhouse didn't take off flying.

Dawn said...

Well, I have caught up on your last 5 posts and hope I remember all I want to comment on. My goodness, I'm behind!!

Trolls - yes - they were popular my senior year in high school and I each of my "group" a troll in a cap and gown - I didn't have much money!

Your first daffodil - I can't believe it. I found some snow drop flowers today = hope they don't get snow dropped on them, after the 68 degree day today.

My 40 bag challenge is off to a very slow start - I can't seem to get the time to concentrate - today the littles wanted to be outside and who could say no to that??

There's something else that I wanted to say, but can't think of it now!

Sheila said...

I would love to have taken up the 40 bags in 40 days challenge but unfortunately our Salvation Army Thrift Shop closed down last weekend. I had several boxes of old never used kitchen items ready to go. Now I'll have to look for another place to donate. Our Library has a huge sale in May and I'll keep an eye out for church sales but they really don't start til May. Good luck with your efforts at sorting and deleting!

Crystal said...

Love your challenge! Good luck but do take it easy too!

Did you know you won a gorgeous quilting book over at Paige's blog? Congrats!!!

Crystal said...

Oh, my goodness!! Now I am the confused one! So sorry I thought I was at another blog but it was Helen's. Enjoy that lovely new book!!