Monday, March 28, 2011

Many "bags".......

I think I have taken the 40 bags Challenge to new heights, people. That is, if you count having a lorry arrive from the auctioneers this morning, and depart an hour and a half later with many many boxes, 2 grandfather clocks and a huge 3 door ancient oak wardrobe. And assorted sundry extras. And the house seemed lighter for about 20 seconds, and then I started trying to sort the things which were once in the cupboard.

Oh well.

Jean and her sister-in-law, Judy, arrived early to help me get all the things which were going together from around the house, and the auctioneer's moving men were due at 1.30. They arrived at 11am. So things were a little busy around here, but it all got sorted and hopefully the things will find new homes. I have no idea when the auction actually is, but I plan to be there to watch. Jean wants to go too, so we will fit in a coffee somewhere, I am sure. They are based in a small town north of us, which is very pretty, so it will be a good day out.

Does anyone know how possessions seem to expand when there is a space available????? So help me, the stuff in this house seems to have a life of its own. It is growing to fill all vacant areas. Not in the plan. That is why I have been doing battle with it all afternoon. I am not on the winning side. So, although it has been a beautiful day, with sun shining and doors flung open, I have not had time to appreciate it.

Another dear doggie in Switzerland, Sandy, had to be put to sleep today. My sister and her husband have looked after Sandy for years, and she and Naxos were best buddies. But her legs had failed, and so their dear friend, June, Sandy's "Mum", had to take her to the vet this afternoon. After many years of dogs in their home, right now there are none, and it seems very empty and quiet to them. A sad time. Such faithful friends, both of them.

Back to the packing. One of the drawers in the cupboard held all Geoff's things. The RFA ties, the plaques from the ships he sailed on, old passports, the small things he treasured from the children, and other bits. As I opened the drawer, it held an unmistakable trace of him. The scent. Smell. So familiar. And then I started laughing, because, together with the important stuff, there were fuses, new plugs, batteries, and electrical things which are totally foreign to me. I have no idea what to do with them. That is SO Geoff. Coins from decades ago - from all the places he visited. And boxes and boxes of slides of times before me. On his travels round the globe. He never did get round to having them made into prints so I could know where they were or anything about them. Don't put these things off. Do them now.

Actually, that drawer was the hardest part of the day for me. I had not been in there since just after he died, when Diana and I sorted everything. So I bundled it all in a box and will deal with it another time. I am expert in delaying tactics.

Well, my friends, it is good to chat, but the bones, I do believe, have seized up as I sit here. I need to propel myself out of this chair and onto something horizontal. I will be back.


Linds said...

To cure the no prargraph thingy, I went to the "edit Html" tab as soon as I went back to edit the post after I saw the lack of paragraphs, and did the paragraphs there and published FROM THERE - the edit html bit, and the paragraphs stayed. If you go back to the other write post thingy, you lose them again.
I put the axe down. But Blogger needs to sort this asap.

Vee said...

Interesting tidbit about Blogger. They have just a few issues to deal with...

Now why is it that you got rid of both clocks and the wardrobe? Because I want a wardrobe and a grandfather clock. And what ARE you going to do with all that was stored in said wardrobe?

I just saw on that same show mentioned in a post Saturday where the contents of a junk drawer were arranged on wood in some sort of artful pattern and then spray painted and hung on the wall. I know. It sounds fantastical, but it was truly lovely. I'll send you the link. Perhaps it's a way you could save some of Geoff's junk drawer bits and pieces.

Linda said...

I know exactly what you mean Linds. No matter how much room I make, it seems to fill up in no time at all. I think you've done a great job though. So much stuff gone!
I feel so sad about your finding Geoff's things. Perhaps there is a little granddaughter that would love to have a few of them? The older I get, the more those kinds of things have great value to me - more than the things I've bought. The memories they hold are so precious.

Dawn said...

"Stuff" keeps happening to keep me from my goal - today was an unexpected trip to the airport to pick up Angie, since her flight last night was cancelled! Not good.

But I've gotten rid of lots, and have many more places to raid.

I can only imagine how hard it was to open that drawer. My friend who lost her son almost 3 years ago has not been able to clean out his bedroom yet. She said the same thing about "the scent of him."

I think I said on FB this morning that I have 13 more spots in the house to get to in the next month before Easter. I can't believe the look of some of these cupboards!